Where Do Goldfish Live In Nature

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Where Do Goldfish Live In Nature
Where Do Goldfish Live In Nature

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Goldfish are considered the most popular in the world, as their varied brilliant colors are a decoration for any aquarium and a great gift for children. This type of fish has different endurance and is suitable for both ponds and aquariums, but can they live in natural conditions?

Where do goldfish live in nature
Where do goldfish live in nature


The first goldfish was bred a thousand years ago in China. Its progenitor was the goldfish, the selection of which later led to the emergence of a number of forms in goldfish. These beautiful and exotic fish were brought to Portugal in 1611, and in the 17th century they were brought to the territory of Russia.

Today, goldfish hold a leading position in the category of the most popular aquarium pets.

The outer cover of the fish's body is formed by protective scales, under which there is a layer of the dermis. Under the dermis, in turn, is a layer of fat and muscle - it is in these layers that the pigments that give these fish such bright colors are located. Yellow and reddish-orange pigments (lipochromes) are found in the upper layers, while black pigments (melanin) can be located both under the scales and in deeper layers. If different layers contain both lipochromes and melanin, then the goldfish will be colored in copper or chocolate shades. In the complete absence of these pigments, the fish will have a silvery color.

Where and how do goldfish live in natural conditions

Since goldfish were bred artificially, it is impossible to meet them in the wild. Such a fish, released into a natural reservoir, will give offspring, which will quickly be reborn into its ancestor - the common goldfish.

Traditionally, goldfish are bred in aquariums or ponds - in the warm air, males hunt females, which release eggs fertilized by males. In order for the eggs to survive in the pond, it must be planted with a large number of pond oxygenator plants - swamp, reed, water buttercup, hornwort or fontinalis.

If fish spawn in a pond, cover it with a net, as they often jump out of the water and can be easy prey for birds or cats.

If the goldfish are to be bred in an aquarium, separate them for the spawning period from the fry that would otherwise be eaten by the larger fish. At a time, a female goldfish lays 500 tiny eggs that stick to plant leaves and other objects. If the eggs swollen from water are not fertilized immediately, they will die.

The fry hatched in the pond do not require additional feeding, while the aquarium offspring must be fed with special food immediately after they begin to swim normally.

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