How To Properly Sit At A Desk

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How To Properly Sit At A Desk
How To Properly Sit At A Desk

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More and more people in the modern world spend their working day at a desk or computer desk. A sedentary lifestyle negatively affects the condition of the spine, and problems with it then affect the health of all internal organs. It is desirable to get used to sitting correctly since childhood, but it is not too late to develop a healthy posture at any age.

How to properly sit at a desk
How to properly sit at a desk


Step 1

Sit up straight so that the load is evenly distributed between the buttocks. They should rest on the chair with their entire surface; you cannot sit on the edge or leaning on one side of the body. To find the most comfortable position, you need to sway a little, fidget in the chair.

Step 2

When seated, the angle between your torso and your hips should be right, as should the angle between your hips and knees (it can be slightly more than 90 degrees). If your chair doesn't meet these parameters, this is a good reason to consider buying a new one. Office chairs are usually height adjustable. The feet should be on the floor. It is better to stretch your legs forward a little, but you should not squeeze them under you. It is wrong to sit cross-legged.

Step 3

The back of your chair should be comfortable so you can lean on it. What is important is its shape. The correct back has some bulge at the level of the middle of the spine, which contributes to a straight back position. If the chair is soft and you "fall" into it, it only hurts the back.

Step 4

When writing or working at a computer, a person often leans forward a little. The bend can be very light, and once you're done it is helpful to straighten up. By bending over and twisting your legs under you, you noticeably increase the load on the lower back, which can lead to pain in it. Leaning back as you work will strain your neck muscles.

Step 5

If your work at the desk involves typing on the keyboard, then pay attention to the position of the elbows. They should, like the knees, be located at an angle of 90 degrees in relation to the surface of the table and the keyboard, which should be placed so that the arms are extended forward. The wrong position of the hands leads to the fact that the joints in the hands and wrists begin to ache.

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