How To Get To Luzhniki

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How To Get To Luzhniki
How To Get To Luzhniki

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Luzhniki is one of the most famous sports and entertainment complexes in Russia. We can say that Luzhniki is a big sports city. After all, matches and competitions of the city, all-Russian, international level are regularly held on its territory, professional athletes and amateurs of various sports train every day. In addition, concerts and festivals of domestic and foreign celebrities are held. How to get to Luzhniki? It is not difficult: it all depends on the desire, capabilities and means.

How to get to Luzhniki
How to get to Luzhniki


Step 1

Visit the events taking place at the Olympic Complex. Check out the website or get background information on the events held in Luzhniki by phone, opt for an event of interest, buy tickets at the box office of the complex or the city's box office and come to Luzhniki on the specified day at the appointed time.

Step 2

Start by going to the pool or practicing the sports that are organized at the sports complex. Find out which sections work, what sports are training, find out the cost, time of classes, where and when they exactly take place. Having decided, purchase a subscription and start healing the body.

Step 3

Visit one of the largest sports museums in the country - the Luzhniki Sports Museum. At the Grand Sports Arena, find Grandstand "C", pay at the museum's ticket office and enjoy the collection of sports posters, Olympic medals and awards won by our athletes in various sports competitions.

Step 4

Stay at the Luzhniki Hotel. Book a room at the hotel located on the fourth floor of the Grand Sports Arena by phone or the Internet, register at the reception and the country's main stadium with facilities located on the territory of the complex and a garden and park area will become more accessible.

Step 5

Come just for a walk around the territory of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex. See sports facilities and facilities, walk along the Walk of Fame of outstanding Russian athletes, sit in the shade of Kashtanovaya Alley and stroll along the Moskva River embankment.

Step 6

Finally, have a banquet at the VIP Club restaurant. Book by phone one of the restaurant halls located in stands "A" and "C" of the Grand Sports Arena, and please yourself and your friends with a fun pastime in a cozy place.

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