How To Eliminate A Hangover

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How To Eliminate A Hangover
How To Eliminate A Hangover

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If the morning that has come is closely associated with the morning of the streltsy execution, it means that yesterday you had a lot of fun. Hangover is the payback for this fun. There is little pleasant, of course, in a hangover, but there is nothing fatal either. Especially if you act consistently. Better, of course, not to overdo it.

How to eliminate a hangover
How to eliminate a hangover


  • - Esmarch's irrigator;
  • - lemon;
  • - mineral water;
  • - aspirin;
  • - Activated carbon;
  • - ascorbic acid;
  • - honey;
  • - tea.


Step 1

When you wake up, drink at least half a liter of water. Let it be mineral water or water with a little baking soda. Getting up with a hangover in the morning is difficult, so try to put the water bottle in the evening so that you can reach it without getting out of bed.

Step 2

After dehydration is temporarily eliminated, proceed with resuscitation measures. If necessary, cleanse your stomach (traditional “two fingers in your mouth”), then brush your teeth and take a warm shower.

Step 3

If you are completely unbearable, do an enema. This will help to quickly cope with the hangover and remove the toxic remains of yesterday's "dinner" from the body. As a solution, use 1 liter of warm water with half a lemon squeezed into it. Lemon can be replaced with a pair of potassium permanganate crystals.

Step 4

Drink a couple of ascorbic acid tablets and a couple of succinic tablets. Drink water as often as possible - the body must flush out toxic substances. Take aspirin if you have a headache.

Step 5

Try breakfast. Eat something light: broth with croutons, scrambled eggs. Many hangover recipes recommend having breakfast with a liquid hot meat dish such as a hodgepodge after a libation party. The recipes are not bad, but check with your stomach before following them.

Step 6

Do not try to get a hangover with beer! The maximum that you can afford is 20-30 grams of spirits with meals. But it is better to replace them with ordinary black tea with lemon and honey.

Step 7

If your strength is back, go for a walk. Fresh air and movement are the best hangover cures. Well, if you are still unbearable, open the window and go to bed to get some sleep.

Step 8

If you don't feel like walking at all, as well as sleeping, watch something calm and soothing on TV. As a last resort, you can run a disk defragmentation program. A very meditative sight.

Step 9

Most likely, you will feel better in the evening. But don't be relaxed. Before going to bed, cleanse your stomach again ("two fingers in your mouth") and take activated charcoal at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of your weight. The charcoal will absorb the remaining toxins, and in the morning you will be fresh, vigorous and ready for new exploits.

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