Indoor Flowering Cacti

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Indoor Flowering Cacti
Indoor Flowering Cacti
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All varieties of cacti bloom in nature. At home, not all thorny plants can boast of this, usually those cacti bloom on the windowsills, the conditions of which are similar to natural ones.

Indoor flowering cacti
Indoor flowering cacti

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For flowering, cacti need a lot of energy, they usually accumulate it for a whole year, respectively, and beautiful flowers on these plants can not be seen more often. The most blooming and unpretentious species are considered to be Echinopsis cacti, which are sometimes called sea urchins. With good lighting and proper care, these plants delight their owners with unusual beautiful flowers throughout the summer. Echinopsis flowers have a funnel-shaped shape and a very delicate aroma, and also differ in a variety of colors (they are yellow, pink, red and white). If the cactus does not have enough sun, heat or water, the flowers simply begin to fall off the plant.

Astrophytums are another type of beautiful blooming cacti. It should be noted that different types of astrophytums are very easy to cross, which explains their popularity among collectors. This cactus, under favorable conditions, blooms from mid-summer almost until the onset of winter. Small, funnel-shaped flowers of a pleasant yellow color with a brighter middle (sometimes it can be red) attract attention and smell very nice.

Another type of flowering cacti that is not too demanding to care for is mamillaria. During flowering, a large number of flowers appear in the upper part of the plant in the form of medium-sized funnels, which then turn into neat red berries. Mamillaria blooms in bright pink, white or red flowers.

Cacti blooming at night

Other flowering cacti are also suitable for indoor cultivation. Phyllocactus, for example, is quite popular, although it blooms at night. However, its beautiful lush red, white, or orange flowers that attach to the ends of the bumps on the stems look absolutely irresistible.

Selenicereus is another type of cactus that blooms at night. At sunset, a huge white flower of extraordinary beauty blooms on this plant, which, unfortunately, fades by morning. In many botanical gardens and reserves, night excursions are organized, during which you can see the flowering of this unusual plant. Amateur gardeners do not grow selenicereus very often, however, you can often find notes about the owners of these plants in local newspapers and on specialized Internet resources.

Quite often, cacti begin to bloom after transplanting into larger pots and regular watering, while the ambient temperature should not be below 20 degrees Celsius.

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