How To Make A Badge

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How To Make A Badge
How To Make A Badge
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Many important events do not go without a badge. It is also used in the work of salespeople, employees of various services, personnel of many companies. There are different requirements for badges for different occasions, but it is quite possible to make a badge yourself.

How to make a badge
How to make a badge


  • - computer,
  • - Printer,
  • - paper,
  • - laminator,
  • - scissors or cutter,
  • - hole punch for laminated film.


Step 1

Make a blank badge on your computer, it can be a simple card made in Word, or maybe an image made using Photoshop. The badge has a size of about 65 by 95 mm, it indicates the full name or first name and surname, as well as other information you need - company, department, position, photo.

Step 2

The easiest way to make badges the same size is to use Microsoft Word. For example, Microsoft Word 2007: in the top panel, select "Mailings", then in the upper left corner "Stickers", in the window that appears, select "Page with the same stickers". A window with templates will open in front of you, which you just have to fill in and press the "Print" button.

Step 3

Another way - you can create a table in Word, specifying the size of the cells you need the size of the badge. Subsequently, fill in the cells with the information you need.

Step 4

Take a paper cutter or regular scissors and cut the blank into rectangles. With a cutter, you will definitely get the edges of the badge straight, but if you use scissors, you will have to try a little more for this.

Step 5

To make a laminated badge, take the correct size and thickness of laminating film and place a piece of paper between the layers. Pass it through a laminator, which will soften the laminate and securely seal the badge card into it.

Step 6

Make a hole for the clip. To make a hole in your laminated badge, you need a special hole punch. Laminated film simply won't give in to an ordinary hole punch. Make a hole for the clip and attach it to your badge.

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