Where To Apply For Subsidies

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Where To Apply For Subsidies
Where To Apply For Subsidies

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Often, citizens do not even realize that they have the opportunity to receive certain benefits, they do not know where to apply to receive these benefits.

Modern Russian legislation on social security provides for three types of subsidies:

- subsidies for housing and utility bills;

- subsidies for the purchase of housing;

- subsidies to unemployed citizens to create their own business.

Where to apply for subsidies
Where to apply for subsidies


Step 1

To obtain a subsidy for the purchase of housing, it is necessary to collect a package of documents and submit them to the local government at the place of permanent residence. Find out the list of documents on the official website or directly from the lawyer of the administration. The information contained in the submitted documents is checked by local authorities, within 10 days from the date of submission of the documents, a decision is made, of which the applicant is notified in writing. If a negative decision is made, the grounds for refusal are indicated. You can reapply for a subsidy after eliminating the grounds for refusal.

Step 2

To receive a subsidy for the payment of housing and utilities, an application is submitted with the attachment of a package of documents to the state institutions "Department of Social Protection of the Population" at the place of permanent residence. The amount of the subsidy is regulated by the Housing Code and depends on the family's income, first of all. The subsidy is issued for six months, then it should be reissued, reaffirming its right to subsidies.

Step 3

In order to receive subsidies from the state for unemployed citizens to create their own business, first of all, it is necessary to be unemployed. On this basis, register with the Employment Center at the place of registration. Provide a cost-effective business plan, after which an interview with the commission is scheduled. If a positive decision is made, an agreement is signed with the Employment Center on the targeted spending of the subsidy, then the subsidy is transferred to the account. For the money received, you will need to report.

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