How To Draw Power Supply Diagrams

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How To Draw Power Supply Diagrams
How To Draw Power Supply Diagrams
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When designing and practical debugging of power supply systems, you have to use various schemes. Sometimes they are given ready-made, attached to the technical system, but in some cases the diagram has to be drawn independently, restoring it by installation and connections. The correct drawing of the diagram depends on how easy it will be for understanding.

How to draw power supply diagrams
How to draw power supply diagrams


Step 1

Use the computer program “Visio” to draw the power supply diagram. To accumulate practice, you can first make a diagram of an abstract supply circuit that includes an arbitrary set of elements. In accordance with the standards and requirements of a unified system for design documentation, a schematic diagram is drawn in a single-line image.

Step 2

Install and run the Visio program on your computer. From the File menu, select New Document. For convenience, on the toolbar, leave only the checkboxes opposite the "Snap" and "Snap to Grid" items.

Step 3

Select page setup options. In the "File" menu, use the appropriate command, and in the window that opens, set the required format of the future image, for example, A3 or A4. Also select the portrait or landscape orientation of the drawing. Set the scale to 1: 1 and the unit of measurement to millimeters. Complete the selection by clicking on the “OK” button.

Step 4

Use the "Open" menu to find the stencil library. Open the set of title blocks and transfer the frame, the shape of the inscription and additional columns to the sheet of the future drawing. Fill in the boxes with the necessary captions explaining the diagram.

Step 5

Draw the actual circuit of the supply circuit using stencils from the program library, or use other blanks at your disposal. It is convenient to use a specially designed kit for drawing electrical circuits of various supply circuits.

Step 6

Since many components of the power circuit of individual groups are often of the same type, depict similar blocks by copying already drawn elements, and then make adjustments. In this case, select the elements of the group with the mouse and move the copied fragment to the desired place in the diagram.

Step 7

Finally, move the input circuit components from the stencil set. Carefully fill in the explanatory labels for the diagram. Save the changes under the required name. If necessary, print the finished drawing of the power supply diagram.

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