Where Is The Westernmost Point Of Russia

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Where Is The Westernmost Point Of Russia
Where Is The Westernmost Point Of Russia

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The most western point of the Russian Federation is the settlement of Baltiysk. It is located 45 kilometers from Kaliningrad and is a small but beautiful port city that has a rich history, ancient architecture and amazing sights.

Where is the westernmost point of Russia
Where is the westernmost point of Russia

The history of Baltiysk - the westernmost point of Russia

The sandy spit and the bay of the future Baltiysk were formed as a result of the struggle between wind and water - the sea currents and the currents of the Pregolya and Vistula rivers formed the landscape on which the Zemland peninsula subsequently appeared. Over time, small settlements formed on this peninsula, which united and named their town Pillau - a rampart.

The peaceful development of Pillau was delayed by the First World War, but in 1921 it was declared the base of the German fleet, which pushed it towards progress.

The former settlements received the official name "Pillau Sea City" in 1936. At that time, the number of their inhabitants was about ten thousand people, and a garrison of twenty-four thousand military personnel was located on the territory of the city. In 1945, Pillau was occupied for the third time by Russian troops, and in 1946 it was finally renamed Baltiysk, with the subsequent incorporation of the city into the Kaliningrad region. The Baltic city district, formed from Baltiysk, Primorsk and part of the territory of Zelenogradsky district, was formed in 1994.

Modern Baltiysk

Baltiysk today is primarily a strategically important naval base of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet and a beautiful city with friendly people and a sunny maritime climate. Among the sights of Baltiysk, one can mention the bicentennial lighthouse, the monument to Peter I, the monument to Elizabeth, the Baltic Fleet Museum and the old church of Baltiysk.

The Baltic Fleet Museum was first opened in 1957, after which it was relocated to the territory of Tallinn and returned to Baltiysk again only after the collapse of the USSR.

The House of Fleet Officers, the Baltic Sea Club, an art school, seven city libraries and a Cultural and Youth Center also operate in Baltiysk, under the auspices of which twenty-two creative teams of four hundred people conduct their activities. In the Pillau citadel, you can see a unique exhibition of antiquities, which presents rare and exclusive antiques that tell the history of Baltiysk.

Significant cultural events are also held in Baltiysk - for example, a large-scale naval parade is held annually in the city, which is organized in honor of the Day of the Russian Navy. In addition, Baltiysk is famous for another annual event - the popular festival of bard songs called Baltic Ukhana.

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