How To Bury An Urn With Ashes

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How To Bury An Urn With Ashes
How To Bury An Urn With Ashes

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Cremation, as a way of burying the dead, is now more and more in demand. Urn with ashes takes up much less space. It is issued to relatives who themselves choose the type of burial.

How to bury an urn with ashes
How to bury an urn with ashes

How is the burial of the urn with the ashes of the deceased

Cremation, as a type of burial of the deceased, has undoubted advantages. First, the urn takes up very little space. Secondly, the funeral is not burdened with seasonality. Thirdly, it is a less costly event. Nevertheless, the distribution of the urn to relatives takes place in a solemn atmosphere. As a rule, in the farewell hall at a predetermined time in the absence of strangers.

The urn is a vessel with a sealed plastic bag inside - a capsule with ashes. The pedestal where the urn will be located is decorated with fresh flowers. The urn must contain the name, patronymic and surname of the deceased. And also the registration number.

The relatives of the deceased can pick up the urn almost immediately after the cremation procedure. The urn can also be stored in the crematorium for 1 year. If during this time it is not taken away, the ashes will be buried in a common grave. Despite the fact that such a grave is unnamed, the data of the deceased (his name, patronymic and surname) will be included in the "Book of Memory". Interested persons are notified of such burial of unclaimed ashes by the administration of the crematorium.

If you wish to transport the urn to another city or country, you will also need to obtain an act indicating that there are no foreign investments in the urn. When crossing the state border, they may require a notarized copy of such a document, a death certificate, as well as an opinion of local authorities on the possibility of exhumation in case of reburial.

What documents are needed for this

To bury an urn, relatives must present the following documents:

- death certificate;

- a copy of the passport of the person who will receive the ballot box;

- a certificate of the cremation of the deceased;

- a certificate of the presence of a free columbarium niche or a place in the cemetery

On the basis of these documents, the relatives receive a certificate confirming the fact of the burial of the ashes. This is recorded in the registration book. You cannot install the urn yourself. This should be done by a columbarium employee. The niche is covered with a special memorial plate. If burial takes place in a cemetery, a monument is erected on the grave. As a rule, a photograph of the deceased is not placed on it. But there must be information about the years of his life. Perhaps about his labor, military or other merits.

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