Why Are Zinc Coffins Needed?

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Why Are Zinc Coffins Needed?
Why Are Zinc Coffins Needed?
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A zinc coffin has several distinct advantages over a wooden one. Such sarcophagi are easier to deliver to their destination and arrange at all points of transportation. In some cases, zinc coffins are irreplaceable by any other sarcophagi.

Zinc coffin in a wooden crate
Zinc coffin in a wooden crate

For most Russians, the phrase "zinc coffins" evokes associations with the war in Afghanistan. At that time, killed soldiers were returned to their families in these metal boxes. But even today the need for these hermetically sealed sarcophagi for the dead has not diminished.

Why is the coffin zinc

In fact, they are not made of zinc, but galvanized iron. Metal is the most convenient for the safety of the cargo, as it has anti-corrosion properties and makes it possible to hermetically seal the coffin. This is especially important when transporting the body over long distances.

In addition, zinc coating has some antibacterial properties, which slows down the decomposition of the corpse for some time. Metal is convenient in that safety precautions can be observed when transporting the deceased. While wooden coffins can suffer cracking from falling or impact, this is not possible with zinc.

Before laying, the body must be embalmed. If you transport it not far, then instead of a metal coffin, you can use a wooden one with a zinc liner. Transportation of sealed coffins is much easier, since such cargo is easily processed at customs, railway stations and airports.

When does the need to use zinc coffins arise?

Firstly, in the event that a person died far from his homeland and the transportation of his body takes a long time. Secondly, during hostilities, it is often necessary to send a corpse disfigured by an explosion or under other circumstances to relatives. A metal sarcophagus reliably hides an impartial sight and less mental trauma is inflicted on loved ones.

If the transportation of a corpse is carried out in the warm season, then the danger of rapid decay of the tissues of the corpse increases significantly. Therefore, the occurrence of an unpleasant odor becomes inevitable. Wood is unable to reliably hold the molecules of such air, and a galvanized coffin, hermetically sealed, will allow not to fear for the spread of "aromas" inherent in decay.

At the request of relatives, a wooden box can be inserted into a metal box, upholstered in accordance with the funeral ritual. Church symbols can be easily applied to the zinc coating, which can be especially important for families of believers. In some cases, it is impossible to do without the use of a zinc coffin, since it has many advantages over a wooden one.

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