What Is Sumpf

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What Is Sumpf
What Is Sumpf
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Perhaps the word "sumpf" will seem to some to be an absurd set of letters, but not to people related to the mining industry, for them this word will be associated with work carried out in mountainous areas.

What is sumpf
What is sumpf

Part of the shaft of the mine

In the mining industry, a sumpf is usually called a special depression, which is arranged in mines both for receiving water and for arranging a kind of parking for machines and equipment for carrying out loading and unloading and other types of deep work on them. It is customary to arrange a sump at the very end of any well, endowing it with the functions of a kind of "settler". It is located a few meters below the level of the main developments, this makes it possible to very successfully collect liquids, unwanted rocks and other unnecessary elements. In fact, it is not a working, but a very important element of the shaft of any mine or development.

The sump can be artificial and natural, for example, in rocks, natural sump serves as a natural pocket for the accumulation of groundwater.

Storage capacity

Translated from the German "sumpf" - accumulating capacity, this device is supplied to pipes and reservoirs specifically for the release of unnecessary liquid, pollution and all kinds of deposits of various nature. Over time, mechanical impurities contaminate the sump and make it almost impossible to work with the well, it is at this moment that the process of cleaning the sump using special equipment begins, therefore, the sump needs careful study and design, which allows removing contaminants from them without any mechanical damage, not while changing the operational properties.

Not a single excavation and construction-related work takes place without sump devices: special pumping stations located in these elements allow the collection of unnecessary water from pits and trenches, up to their complete drainage.

In each case, it is important for builders to carry out the correct calculation associated with the simplest and most complete access of water to the sump.

Sumps are used to create village wells, here the devices act as elements that allow you to maximize the reserves of accumulating water. As a rule, this technology is successfully used in wells, the depth of the aquifer in which does not exceed the prescribed 2-3 meters, otherwise they resort to another method of reserve reserves.

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