How To Return Perfume To The Store

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How To Return Perfume To The Store
How To Return Perfume To The Store

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When choosing a perfume, be careful. If you don't like them after the purchase, you will not be able to return the bottle to the store. But the outlet is obliged to exchange low-quality, expired or defective goods. If you find a defect, do not hesitate to contact the place of purchase of the perfume.

How to return perfume to the store
How to return perfume to the store


  • - the passport;
  • - sales receipt.


Step 1

When shopping for perfume or eau de toilette, try the scent on a blotter and on your own skin. Don't buy perfumes on the go. If it turns out that it is not suitable for you or causes allergies, it will not be accepted back to the store. Perfume and other perfumery and cosmetic products are non-returnable goods provided that they are of adequate quality.

Step 2

Without leaving the counter, check the expiration date of the perfume - it is indicated on the package. Shake the box - the branded perfume is packed securely. If something rustles and rattles inside, ask for a replacement perfume. This is worth doing, and if you find that the box is wrinkled, the plastic wrap around it is torn, and there are drips at the bottom. You can change perfume and even cancel your purchase until payment is made. When you pay, don't forget to receive a check.

Step 3

When you come home, unpack the bottle and examine it carefully. There should be no scratches or chips on the glass, the lid should be tightly fixed on the bottle and easily removed from it. Check the integrity of the label and the transparency of the contents. A cloudy sediment in a bubble, a suspicious shade of a liquid, a peeled sticker is a reason for suspicion. Check your pump. If it doesn't work or the perfume is leaking, pack the bottle and return it to the store - you have clearly been sold a substandard product.

Step 4

Write a return request in duplicate addressed to the store manager. On free-form paper, describe your purchase history and list your claims. You can demand to exchange the product for a similar one or return the money paid for it. Leave one copy of the application to the seller, on the second ask to leave a signature certifying delivery.

Step 5

If the store agrees that your claim is justified, the perfume exchange can take place immediately. But if you prefer a refund, keep in mind that retailers are extremely reluctant to do so. You may be required to have a passport and a sales receipt, and in some cases - to take the defective product for examination. If you agree to leave the bottle in the store, ask for a receipt confirming this fact.

Step 6

You can carry out examinations yourself by contacting an independent specialist. If your suspicions of a defective product are confirmed, the store will be obliged to return the money paid for the examination to you.

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