What Does The Name Mitya Mean?

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What Does The Name Mitya Mean?
What Does The Name Mitya Mean?

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Mitya is a short form on behalf of Dmitry. It has not yet proven itself as independent. Little Mitya often catch colds in childhood, which is why they get sick. Some Dima are capricious boys who require special attention.

Little Mitya are funny boys
Little Mitya are funny boys

The origin of the name Mitya

The name Mitya (Dmitry) is rooted in Ancient Greece. It was there that the goddess of agriculture and fertility, Demeter, was revered from ancient times. Her name is translated as "Mother Earth". The ancient Greeks honored this goddess and worshiped her, since it was believed that it was she who gave birth to the living and took the dead to her. In addition, Demeter is the patroness of sorcerers.

The name Dmitry is translated from the ancient Greek language as "dedicated to the goddess Demeter." It is known that this name came to Russia several centuries ago. Until the end of the 19th century, it retained the form of Dimitri, after which it was simplified to Dimitri. It is curious that in some countries (for example, in France) the form of Demetrius was generally preserved until the end of the 20th century.

The meaning of the name Mitya

Little Mitya are docile and kind boys. They relate to the people around them with trust, for which from time to time they receive a stick from their parents. Little Dima are at risk of respiratory diseases more often than other boys. During such periods, Mitya becomes especially capricious and requires increased attention by children.

In their youth, some Mitya become stubborn and principled guys. Some of the owners of this name are very explosive in nature. Young Dima are constant participants in school fights with their peers. Psychologists say that an active manifestation of one's character can both break a person and make him stronger. If we apply this theory to Mityas, then everything is individual here: while some Dima collect butterflies, others become real warriors of life, able to put together a professional career and create a good family.

The intimate meaning of the name Mitya

Mitya does not immediately find the path leading to the love-intimate front. Many Dima enter into their first intimate relationship rather late. It's funny that if Mitya meets a girl who really "hooks" him, she will turn into a passionate and energetic gentleman. Such a non-standard approach on the part of Mitya may frighten gentle and modest girls, but Dima will try to do everything so that his chosen one is not afraid of this and is not ashamed of her feelings.

The owners of this name sincerely believe that their faithful and ardent feelings for their beloved can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, it is not. Mitya's passion for his second half fades away as quickly as it flares up. Astrologers say that this is inherent in all people belonging to the "earthly" and "volcanic" elements.

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