How To Arrange A Letterhead

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How To Arrange A Letterhead
How To Arrange A Letterhead

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For registration of forms of documents of organizations and enterprises, there are certain rules. More stringent requirements are imposed on the documentation of government agencies. If you need to draw up a letter form for your company, you can skip calculating the size of the margins in millimeters and check the position of the logo or other elements on the page with the ruler. It is enough to just stick to the generally accepted style of business documents.

How to arrange a letterhead
How to arrange a letterhead


Step 1

At the top of the page, post information about your business. Indicate the form of incorporation, company name, tax identification number, company logo or trademark. How complete the information will be is up to you, but make sure that the top of the document with the details does not take up too much space on the page.

Step 2

The unchanged part of the letterhead is best placed in the header. When you enter new text or edit an existing document, the changes do not affect the headers and footers, so you don't have to worry about the lines and the company logo moving or disappearing. To switch to the editing mode of the header and footer in a Microsoft Office Word document, double-click the left mouse button in the upper field of the document or use the tools from the "Headers and Footers" section on the "Insert" tab.

Step 3

Below the details of the company, in the left corner of the letterhead, there is a field for the registration number and the date of creation of the document. It is drawn up with the abbreviations "Ref. No. X dated January XXXXX. " The line "on Bx. No. X dated January XX XXXX "is filled in when you reply to someone else's letter that has its own registration number. This line, in principle, may not be present in the document.

Step 4

The right side of the document under the details of the enterprise and opposite the field with the number and date of the letter is intended for entering information about the addressee. Indicate the name of the organization to which the letter is sent, the title and the name of the person to whom the letter is addressed. All the necessary data are indicated in the dative case (to whom? The head of the enterprise).

Step 5

Below in the center of the page is an appeal to the addressee (in a polite form and by name and patronymic) or the type of document is indicated (commercial offer, application, certificate, request, application, and so on). The main text is aligned to the width of the page, each new paragraph is indented.

Step 6

The position of the person who drew up the document is indicated after the main text on the left side of the document. His last name and initials should be located on the same line, but on the right side of the document. The signature will be in the center. The presence of the footer is also up to you. The footer can contain information that is not included in the header, such as business bank details.

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