How Odors Affect A Person

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How Odors Affect A Person
How Odors Affect A Person

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It has been found that smells are closely related to a person's emotional memory. Many scents are capable of influencing on a subconscious level, since the zones of emotions and smells are interconnected in the human brain. That is why the role of smells in life is extremely important.

How odors affect a person
How odors affect a person


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Smells always have a certain emotional coloring for a person and can cause him various emotions and encourage him to take any action. This knowledge is successfully applied in advertising to influence the mood of people, change their attitude towards the product and increase sales. Sellers know that a person makes a buying decision on an emotional level. It has been found that, for example, aromatizing a store with lavender oil increases sales by 15-20%, improves people's mood and encourages them to stay in a store with such a scent longer. The same lavender scent can reduce programmer errors by about 20%.

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Smells affect not only emotions, but also various areas of life. For example, the scent of a pear is believed to increase concentration and focus, while the scent of a cherry is said to increase appetite and arouse sexual instinct. Aromas of lavender, chamomile, lemon and sandalwood can be used as extraordinarily effective antidepressants. The scents of mint, carnation, rose and jasmine invigorate well. Even the smell of freshly brewed coffee, loved by many, cannot be compared with the strength of their effect.

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There is an opinion that various special services have special knowledge on how to manipulate the behavior and consciousness of people with the help of smells. Businessmen and politicians know that the scent of a rose helps to persuade partners to be compliant and compliant, the scent of lemon evokes aggressiveness, and the scent of other citrus fruits can diffuse attention.

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Experts who study various types of effects on humans argue that smells have great potential for manipulating people, since the olfactory analyzer is not yet so loaded with all sorts of information as, for example, auditory and visual. It is believed that people may even be sexually attracted to each other under the influence of their natural scents.

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