What Does The Name Regina Mean

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What Does The Name Regina Mean
What Does The Name Regina Mean

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Regina's name is translated from Latin as "queen". This female name is common in Russia, the USA, as well as in Hungary and France. The owners of this name are characterized by such character traits as optimism, independence, determination, stubbornness and unwillingness to compromise.

Regins have a truly regal character
Regins have a truly regal character

The meaning of the name Regina

This name has Latin roots and is translated into Russian as "queen". Although it is widespread in Russia, it is quite rare on its territory. It is worth noting that the meaning of this name fully justifies itself: Regin has a very developed self-esteem, a desire for self-realization and independence, self-confidence, determination and self-esteem. These women will never compromise, and even more so they will not put up with someone's shortcomings.

The character of women with the name Regina is quite strong and solid, and the energy of the name in most cases meets the stated requirements. The meaning of the name Regina largely leaves its mark on the behavior and life of its owner. Regins know how to attract attention in any company, from an early age they show determination and independence. These women always know what they want, thinking through every step to the smallest detail.

The women named Regines are leaders by nature. It will not be particularly difficult for them to subordinate others to their will. And all thanks to the fact that Regina knows her own worth: her nature is regal and majestic, and her opinion of herself knows no boundaries of height! It is worth noting that such personal qualities do not spoil the owner of this name in any way. Perhaps she just knows how to properly dispose of them.

In family relationships, these women prefer their own leadership. Regina take their marriages seriously, however, once disappointed in her partner, this woman will soon demand a divorce. She will not adjust to her husband. If someone begins to encroach on her personal space or decides to challenge her primacy, she will come into clear conflict with him.

As a rule, Regina has a choleric temperament. These women are hot-tempered and impulsive, they can easily lose their temper. Fortunately, Regina's anger cools in minutes. From the outside, it may seem that Regina is a sociable and open person, but this is not entirely true. Regins are women-riddles, which sometimes even the closest people cannot solve. Sometimes, behind the regal arrogance, behind the inaccessibility and pride, a refined and insecure nature can be hidden.

The professional meaning of the name Regina

In the professional field, Regina can become a good leader. And all thanks to his charisma, responsibility and unbending fighting spirit. However, this woman often does not have the patience to bring the business started to its logical conclusion. It is curious that some Regins find themselves in "male" professions: they make design engineers, freight forwarders, heads of auto centers, etc.

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