How To Grow Onions Exible

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How To Grow Onions Exible
How To Grow Onions Exible

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Exibition onions appeared in summer cottages relatively recently. The peculiarity of this vegetable is its size - sometimes one onion can reach almost a kilogram. Moreover, it is very sweet and does not taste bitter. This is a real find for summer residents. But when growing it, you must follow some rules in order to grow the crop to fame.

How to grow onions exible
How to grow onions exible


Step 1

In order to grow large bulbs, it is better to grow in seedlings. Before sowing, onion seeds must be soaked in water for 2-3 hours. After that, the seeds must be transferred to a damp cloth and held in this way for several days. Also, before planting, disinfect - dissolve 1 g of potassium permanganate in a liter of water and put the seeds there. In such a solution at a temperature of 40 ° C, the seeds should lie for about 8 hours.

Step 2

You can plant seeds for seedlings already in March. Pre-prepare the soil mixture for seedlings at the rate of 9 parts of humus, 10 parts of sod land and 1 part of mullein. Onions should emerge around the tenth day after planting. Try to keep the temperature at 20… 22 ° C before germination, then gradually lower the temperature - 20 ° C is enough during the day, about 14 ° C at night. Water the seedlings only with heated water. To prevent the seedlings from stretching too far, it is necessary to often ventilate the seedlings.

Step 3

After about two months, you can plant seedlings in the ground. Before planting, do not forget to temper the plants a little - within two days, the seedlings must be taken outside. Plant the plants in open ground, 30 cm apart.

Step 4

In order for the bulbs to be large, it is necessary to choose the right soil for them. Never plant plants in the ground where fresh manure has been introduced. On such soil, the plant will only form a large leaf mass, and the bulbs will be loose and unstable.

Step 5

Onion care consists in constant weeding and loosening. Make sure that after the formation of the bulb, only the bottom of the plant is in the soil. This will allow the bulbs to ripen quickly and keep well.

Step 6

A downed feather serves as a signal for harvesting onions. Simultaneously with this, the dying off of the roots occurs. It is very important to remove the onions on time, since after the leaves dry out in wet soil, the onions can take root again, and this will negatively affect the keeping quality of the product. Onions are usually harvested in mid-August in dry, windy weather. At the same time, be sure to dry the bulbs in the sun, which will facilitate disinfection and better storage. In addition, the onions must be dried in the attic or in the shed for another month. As soon as the neck of the onion becomes thin, peel it of dry scales and store it for the winter.

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