How To Plant Peas

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How To Plant Peas
How To Plant Peas

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There are two types of vegetable peas: sugar peas and hulled peas. Sugar pea beans can be eaten whole - they are juicy at any time of ripening. But the inner side of the shelling peas is covered with an inedible parchment layer, so it is suitable for food only in an unripe form, it is from it that the famous "green peas" are obtained. It is not difficult to grow any of these pea varieties.

How to plant peas
How to plant peas


Step 1

Prepare the soil for the peas. Dig the ground 20-30 cm deep, add fertilizer - 5 kg of humus or compost for each m2 of land. Add ash in spring. Before planting peas, it is recommended to bring rotted manure, fresh will provoke the growth of greens to the detriment of the fruits. Peas will grow well from soil previously harvested from potatoes, tomatoes, squash or cabbage. You can re-plant peas in the old place no earlier than after 3-4 years.

Step 2

Peas are very fond of the sun, give preference to sunny places. Avoid areas with close groundwater - the roots grow into the soil 0.5-1 meters.

Step 3

Soak pea seeds in water in a saucer, covered with damp gauze. Keep them in this state for 12-18 hours, change the water every 4 hours. It is permissible to add growth stimulants for 2-3 hours, you can warm up the peas for 5 minutes in warm water with micronutrient fertilizers.

Step 4

Sow swollen seeds in moist soil. To keep the peas growing constantly, plant them in stages at intervals of 2 weeks. Make beds with a distance of 20 cm between them, between holes - 5-6 cm, the depth should not exceed 4 cm.

Step 5

Water the peas at least once a week until they bloom. During the flowering period, this must be done twice a week. The soil must be loosened between the rows so that a crust does not form and the roots "breathe". For tall varieties of peas, build a support in the form of a mesh or wire with a height of 2 m or more.

Step 6

A month after the beginning of flowering, the first crop will appear. Peas will bloom all summer long if you plant them at regular intervals. During the season, vegetable peas yield up to 4 kg per 1 m2. The tops, crushed and moistened, are put into compost, and the plot of land itself, along with the roots, is dug up. This green fertilizer will replace manure and compost next year, naturally increasing soil fertility.

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