What Poisonous Animals Live In Russia

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What Poisonous Animals Live In Russia
What Poisonous Animals Live In Russia

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The most poisonous animals in Russia are karakurt spiders, viper snakes, as well as scorpions and toad frogs. All of them live in the southern regions of the Russian Federation.

The viper is the most dangerous snake in Russia
The viper is the most dangerous snake in Russia

Karakurt is the most poisonous spider in Russia

If we talk about poisonous animals in Russia, then arachnids are at the top of the list, namely, a poisonous spider called karakurt. It is the only Russian spider whose bite is a mortal danger to humans. This creature lives in the southern regions of the country, in the North Caucasus, in the Orenburg region and in Astrakhan. Not so long ago, cases of the appearance of karakurt were recorded in the Moscow region.

The female karakurt reaches 2 cm in length (excluding the length of walking legs). It is the females that are the main threat to humans, since small and weak males, for the most part, simply cannot bite through a thick layer of human skin. Karakurt have a black body color, a large abdomen, on which there may be bright specks of orange or red. However, there are also karakurt without special marks.

The main feature that distinguishes karakurt from other spiders is a pale speck on the underside of the abdomen. In its shape, it resembles an hourglass. Sometimes this spot is painted not in a pale, but in a bright color (like spots on the back).

The South Russian tarantula is also one of the poisonous animals that live in the South of Russia. Its bites are dangerous, but not fatal to humans.

The most poisonous snake in Russia is the viper

In total, about 90 species of snakes live on the territory of Russia. There are about 16 types of poisonous among them. The most dangerous and common poisonous snake in central Russia is, of course, the viper. She lives both in forests and steppes. The viper is not too long a snake (up to 75 cm in length). Its color ranges from gray to reddish brown. Vipers are characterized by a dark line along their ridge, as well as an X-shaped pattern on the head. All vipers are already born poisonous.

When meeting with a viper, you should not make sudden movements, so as not to provoke the snake to defense. It is worth noting that viper bites cause quite strong pain. Swelling appears at the site of the bite. The most dangerous are bites to the face and neck.

Other poisonous animals of Russia

On the territory of the Russian Federation, you can also find other poisonous creatures, for example, scorpions and frogs. Poisonous scorpions live in the Lower Volga region and in Dagestan. They attack a person only in self-defense. The scorpion's venom is on its tail. Females of poisonous scorpions are especially dangerous. Their poison can cause death in a person.

Multiple venom from bees and wasps (when a person is stung by a swarm of insects) can be dangerous. Some people have severe allergies to bee and wasp venom.

Other poisonous animals that live in Russia are toad frogs. They can be found in the Krasnodar Territory. These frogs differ from the common ones in their orange-speckled belly. They excrete their poison through the skin.

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