How Yogis Breathe

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How Yogis Breathe
How Yogis Breathe
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Breathing is one of the most important elements of yoga practice. Correct breathing is believed to cleanse the body, help focus and achieve mental clarity while completing tasks. The skill of correct breathing is acquired by constant practice and over time it becomes a common phenomenon for yoga.

How yogis breathe
How yogis breathe


Step 1

The first step on the path to proper yoga breathing is to achieve the most relaxed state. When performing each exercise, the practitioner concentrates not on the correctness of the exercise, which inevitably entails increased tension in thoughts, but on maintaining maximum relaxation.

Step 2

Breathing begins with a slow filling of the lungs with air, in this process the diaphragm must necessarily participate. A deep breath is taken through the nose, and then exhalation is also performed through the nose. Deep breathing allows yoga to saturate the body with oxygen as much as possible and rid it of numerous toxins that accumulate in any body over time.

Step 3

Correct body posture is an important part of breathing. To relax the lungs and maximize the effect of breathing, the practitioner straightens the back and pulls the shoulders back. In the process of doing the exercises, he constantly monitors that the posture is correct.

Step 4

Yoga masters usually perform their exercises in any position, whether sitting or lying on their back. Beginners, on the other hand, often notice that deep yoga breathing relaxes the body so much that if you do it lying down, you can quickly fall asleep, so it is best to take the first steps in yoga in a sitting position. You can sit in any comfortable position, the main thing is that the body does not experience any discomfort, the muscles are as relaxed as possible and there is an opportunity to fully concentrate on breathing.

Step 5

One of the most important elements of yoga breathing is giving up complete control over this process. Yoga beginners too often try to completely control their breathing, fearing to do it incorrectly. As a result, a temporary weakening of this control leads to the fact that breathing during the exercise either gets stuck or stops completely. Proper yoga breathing always flows naturally. The human body knows how to do this and does not need outside control.

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