What Month Is The Breast

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What Month Is The Breast
What Month Is The Breast

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In most modern European languages, including Russian, the names of the months are of Latin origin. However, the Slavic peoples gave their names to the months, based on observations of nature during this period.

What month is the breast
What month is the breast

In honor of what the months in Rome were named

Not everyone ponders why July is called July. And this name was given to him in honor of Julius Caesar.

Many other months are named after Roman gods or holidays. For example, March bears the name of the god Mars, May - the goddess of spring Maya, and June - Juno.

Nevertheless, the autumn months and December were named after their ordinal number in the Roman calendar. But then they did not correspond to the modern countdown: September was the seventh month of the year, and December was the tenth.

Which month is called the breast, and which is the grass

The names of the months that characterize their nature have survived, for example, in the Ukrainian language. And it is already quite difficult for a modern Russian-speaking person to grasp the meaning that the Slavic peoples put into them. However, they all have a very clear and capacious description of their month.

The Ukrainian name for February is lute. It is enough just to guess that they called him that because of the severe frosts, which are still very characteristic of him.

The meanings of the names of the spring months are also easy to guess. For example, in Ukraine, March is called birch tree, since spring begins early enough in these areas. But May is called grass for the riot of herbs and greenery.

It is not so easy to guess why the Ukrainians call June the worm. This name comes from a special type of dye worms that appear just at this time of the year. The name of the red color in the Ukrainian language also comes from them.

July, which marks the flowering of linden, is named after linden. But August reminds that it's time to harvest, that's why its name is serpen. It comes from the sickle with which wheat is harvested at the end of summer.

The names of the autumn months also characterize the state of nature during this period of the year. In September, heather blooms, in honor of which he received his name heather. But November in Ukrainian is called leaf fall, autumn in these parts starts late.

December and the origin of this name is quite interesting. The frozen road was called the pectoral route among the Slavs, since piles of earth with ice were formed.

It is curious that the names of the months preserved in the Ukrainian language are somewhat shifted from those used by the Slavs who lived a little further north. So they called birch grove not March, but April, leaf fall - September, and breast - November.

So the answer to the question of what month the breast is called depends on whether you are going to go to Ukraine or are studying ancient Russian history.

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