What Are The Advantages Of Angora Wool

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What Are The Advantages Of Angora Wool
What Are The Advantages Of Angora Wool

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Clothes made from angora wool are amazingly soft, warm and practically weightless. Such a combination of qualities, even in natural materials, to which angora belongs, is rare.

What are the advantages of angora wool
What are the advantages of angora wool

Angora wool is very soft to the touch, while being unusually light and warm. No wonder this material is called soft gold. Since the 19th century, they have received it exclusively from the Angora goat. Its hair is 12-15 centimeters, and sometimes even 30. The color of the coat is white, rarely black or gray. The yarn was used to make fabrics such as plush, kamlot, twill and semi-silk.

Goat and rabbit wool

The great popularity of the woolen angora outside the country of the producer required an increase in the scale of production. However, within Turkey, this was not possible in the required volumes, and the Angora goats did not take root well outside their homeland. Alternatively, the Angora rabbit is the source of the production of Angora wool.

The appearance of the Angora rabbit itself is tender. These are perhaps the most charming representatives of the eared family. The length of the coat reaches fifty centimeters. On an industrial scale, only white albino rabbits are raised for the purpose of obtaining wool. It is the white color that simplifies further staining. There are also colored angora rabbits, but in small quantities in the craft workshops of India. It also produces angora wool directly by the breeders themselves.

Features of wool

Wool thickness ranges from 37 to 43 microns, length from 18 to 45 centimeters. The quality of angora depends on the thickness of the wool, the lower it is, the higher the fiber class. Oddly enough, a thinner fiber has better thermal characteristics.

Today, Angora wool is used in the production of thermal underwear, stockings and socks, casual wear, and much more. Clothes based on the wool of angora rabbits are very warm. Moreover, such things are soft and light.

But one cannot fail to note the negative points in the use of angora. And the very first thing is the impossibility of washing such products mechanically in an automatic machine. Only hand washing is suitable for them with the help of special mild detergents recommended for different types of wool. Moreover, products can be dried only in a horizontal position.

For practicality of use and increase in the duration of wear, modern textile production introduces many new methods of mixing wool with other types of yarn. Now angora wool is practically not used in its pure form. It is mainly combined with acrylic or merino wool.

Clothes with angora wool are indicated for people suffering from diseases such as osteochondrosis, hypertension, sciatica and arthritis. In addition, it is completely hypoallergenic. And real wool can last more than one year with proper care.

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