What Does Bigfoot Look Like

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What Does Bigfoot Look Like
What Does Bigfoot Look Like

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The most mysterious and mythical creature on the planet is Bigfoot. Lots of information - and nothing in particular. A lot of videos - and not a single one officially recognized as reliable. What's this? Is it a fiction, the fruit of an enacted fantasy, or a really existing "brother" of a person?

What does Bigfoot look like
What does Bigfoot look like


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British climber Howard Bury came across incredibly large footprints in the mountains of Everest in 1921. Thus began the long-term hunt for the elusive Bigfoot.

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The legends of the Yeti (one of the names of Bigfoot) begin from time immemorial. In different cultures, he figured as a spirit, a demon, a goblin. According to rumors, the creature lives in forest and mountainous regions of almost the entire globe. There are references to meetings with Bigfoot in China, Australia, Russia, Indochina, North America. The scientific world is seriously concerned about the reliability of the facts. American scientists examined up to 111 samples found in various regions, which are associated with Bigfoot. In their opinion, many of them, for example, hair, do not belong either to animals or to humans in terms of their biological characteristics.

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Eyewitness accounts allow us to describe Bigfoot approximately like this: height - from 1.5 to 2.5 meters, massive muscular build, practically no neck, head set on a powerful body, large, prominent jaw, leg size - from 35 to 50 centimeters, arms disproportionately long, to the knees, slightly bent at the elbows when walking, palms and soles without hair, the body is densely covered with hair or hair, which is longer on the head and nape, the face in details could not be distinguished, but all eyewitnesses claim that it is dark in color, covered with short hair, the thigh is shorter than the lower leg, the legs are crooked, the creature slouches, in some places the contactees claimed that it moved on all fours, and some, on the contrary, insist that the yeti is erect, the color of the coat, according to witnesses, was also different. Dirty gray in winter and brown in summer. This suggests that Bigfoot can adapt to environmental conditions by changing colors.

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The reliability of the presence of the Bigfoot population on the earth's expanses is rather unlikely. There have been a lot of studies, some of them admit the possibility of such an existence, but more evidence is against. Today, to believe or not is up to each person to decide independently. Perhaps fantasy will allow you to draw a Yeti of the 21st century, radically different from all its predecessors. But nevertheless, if the "brother" exists, a logical question arises: why has no one ever and nowhere found his remains?

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