What Is Rigging

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What Is Rigging
What Is Rigging
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Moving is always a very troublesome business. The greatest difficulties arise when it is necessary to transport and deliver non-standard and large-sized items to the upper floors. It is not always possible to lift a massive grand piano or large furniture to its destination in the usual way. Rigging work is indispensable here.

What is rigging
What is rigging

What is rigging

The word "rigging" came into everyday use from ship terminology. This is what the Navy calls a system of devices, consisting of blocks, chains and cables, designed to move a wide variety of cargo and secure them securely. Rigging in maritime business is often referred to as the rigging of ships. Rigging works in the most general sense - measures for loading, unloading and securing cargo.

In ordinary life, far from sea romance, rigging is a special type of cargo transportation, in which you have to move objects that have significant weight, non-standard shape and serious dimensions. Rigging work is considered by the professionals in the field of cargo transportation to be the most responsible and time-consuming business.

Rigging can be very different, and the complexity of such work is determined by the characteristics of the goods being moved. There is a difference between lifting large furniture, moving fragile medical equipment, or working with massive machines equipped with an expensive control system. Riggers are allowed to transport containers, barrels, technological equipment. Such services are in great demand today in the business environment.

Features of rigging

Only an experienced professional can imagine the volume of work associated with the movement of goods. Sometimes the work goes quickly and smoothly. In other cases, it may be necessary to draw up a preliminary work plan and carry out preparatory measures. The features of the work are directly related to the situation at the facility.

As a rule, a representative of the rigging company goes directly to the work site. He carefully and meticulously examines the cargo, assesses the situation and sketches a plan of action for himself. Sometimes it is required to dismantle the equipment, which makes the whole process more expensive. The movers' team should have a good idea of ​​the conditions in which they will have to work.

Starting directly to the rigging work, the workers pack the cargo taking into account the method of its transportation and movement. When it comes to equipment, slings or belts are brought under it. The most crucial stage comes - the transfer of the object to the vehicle. This part of the rigging work is carried out with the utmost care, taking care first of all about the safety of the cargo.

In particularly difficult cases, it is necessary to take the load out of the room through a window using lifting mechanisms, a crane or a winch. Arriving at the destination, the rigging team carries out all the work in the reverse order. The cargo delivered to the site is freed from packaging, and, if necessary, the equipment is installed and connected.

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