How To Choose A Gas Can

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How To Choose A Gas Can
How To Choose A Gas Can

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A gas cartridge, as a means of self-defense, must be effective, convenient and easy to use. Before choosing the right spray can with a huge range of products on the shelves of specialized stores, you need to consider all possible options.

How to choose a gas canister
How to choose a gas canister


Step 1

First of all, make a choice of a can by its "filling" - by the type of irritating substance in the aerosol. Only two types of such substances are permitted by law: irritants to the respiratory tract and irritants to the eyes. The first type of substances causes the attacker to have acute pain in the lungs, severe coughing and heavy breathing. The second type - lacrimal - show their effect in the form of strong tearing and painful sensations of the shell of the enemy's eyes. But, as a rule, many gases in cans affect both the eyes and the respiratory tract.

Step 2

For a more thoughtful choice of gas with which the selected cartridge will be filled, understand the types of irritants and their characteristics. CS - chlorobenzalmalonodinitrile - has a sharp irritant, mainly lacrimal, effect on humans. When applied to animals, the effectiveness is much lower. CN - chloroacetophenone - today is rarely used with self-defense means as a low-effective toxic substance for the defending agent.

Step 3

CR - dibenzoxazepine - a substance similar in characteristics to CS gas, but with a significantly low damaging concentration. In other words, much more CS gas is required than CR gas to achieve the same effect. That is why manufacturers of CR gas cans charge them with a relatively smaller amount of warhead than CS. OC - ​​oleoresin capsicum - extract from the hottest varieties of red pepper. Irritation in contact with the eyes and lungs of the attacker usually occurs with a delay, but the duration of the effect is quite significant. It is highly effective against animals, but ineffective against attackers under alcoholic or drug intoxication. IPC - morpholide pelargonic acid - chemically synthesized analogue of OS.

Step 4

Based on the information received, select the tool you need. If you need an equally effective weapon, both against people and against animals, choose OS or IPC. CS and CR are more effective for defense against bullies. Universal cartridges contain a mixture of irritant gases CS + OC or CR + IPC

Step 5

In the next step, choose between spray and jet cans. Aerosols are good against multiple attackers standing next to each other. But using them in a crowd, in a headwind and inside enclosed spaces is dangerous for the defender himself and for bystanders. Jet models have a more selective and "long-range" effect, are little dependent on the wind and are suitable for indoor use. On the other hand, it will be more difficult to hit the enemy with a jet, and it will be easier for the attacker to dodge this jet. Today, almost all models of cans are aerosol. It is difficult to find inkjet on sale.

Step 6

Read the label on the can and pay attention to the important indicator of the concentration of the irritant. The peculiarity of this parameter is that all substances, depending on the concentration of irritating substances, are normalized by the mass of gas inside the cylinder. In other words, regardless of the size of the cartridge itself, the maximum permissible mass of the warhead inside it will be the same. Consequently, large and bulky cans have a larger spray capacity. But the effect of one spray is less.

Step 7

At the penultimate stage, make a choice according to the volume of the can. Standard sizes are 25 ml, 65 ml, 100 ml and 120 ml. In addition to varying concentrations of irritating substances, the cans themselves have other differences.Large volume models have a higher nozzle diameter, which means higher gas exit velocity, stronger atomization and striking distance, and lower dependence on wind. The small size of the can has another valuable quality - the convenience of wearing.

Step 8

Finally, try on the selected spray can to your hand and to the place where you intend to hold it. Try to make your self-defense weapons easy to retrieve, quickly ready for use, and convenient to use as intended.

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