What Is Graphite Lubricant For?

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What Is Graphite Lubricant For?
What Is Graphite Lubricant For?

Video: What Is Graphite Lubricant For?

Video: What Is Graphite Lubricant For?
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Graphite grease in its composition resembles grease, but contains a certain amount of graphite. It is made by thickening mineral oils and vegetable fats with calcium soap and graphite. Outwardly, it looks like a homogeneous substance of black or brown color. Operated at temperatures from -20 to + 70 ° C.

What is graphite lubricant for?
What is graphite lubricant for?

Characteristics of graphite grease

In nature, graphite looks like a black substance with a dull sheen. It perfectly conducts heat and electricity, does not corrode. Also, graphite is antistatic and can withstand high temperatures. These qualities have made graphite a rather versatile material that is used in many areas of industry and production. The graphite-based lubricant itself is ideal for eliminating all kinds of squeaks and protecting metal surfaces.

The molecules of the graphite substance have a characteristic feature - they perfectly bind to metal oxides, but at the same time they are noticeably weakly attracted to each other. This effect provides good load carrying capacity of the film and protection against frictional friction.

The use of graphite lubricant in daily life

The main use of graphite grease in everyday life is in the treatment of bicycle chains, car springs, door hinges for garages or gates, and in the lubrication of brake cable drives. Since the graphite grease is quite thick, it is sometimes mixed with a white spirit solvent. When a similar substance is applied to a chain or part, the white spirit evaporates over time, and the lubricant remains inside the mechanism. Another plus in the use of graphite grease in everyday life is its loyalty to rubber, paint and varnish coatings and plastics.

Application of graphite lubricant in production

In industry, mechanical engineering and manufacturing, graphite lubricant is used in mechanisms such as:

- shut-off valves;

- low-speed bearings of belts and conveyors;

- suspension of large-sized mechanisms and special equipment;

- open and closed gear drives, as well as shafts;

- springs of large equipment and special vehicles;

- supports of drilling rigs and bits.

The use of graphite grease is primarily associated with its low cost and versatility. Graphite, as an integral part of a plastic lubricant, provides mechanisms with protection and smooth running, as well as grinding in parts. Graphite has a layered crystal lattice, and therefore is an excellent antifriction component of lubricating products, which gives parts wear resistance, as well as high-quality mechanical properties. Graphite grease has another feature - durability. When the oil film breaks and no longer protects the mechanism, the graphite particles protect the surface of the mechanism from boundary friction.

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