Why Did The Military Wear Breeches

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Why Did The Military Wear Breeches
Why Did The Military Wear Breeches
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Uniforms are the hallmark of a military man. Special requirements are imposed on soldiers' uniforms. It should be not only durable and resistant to wear, but also comfortable in battle. It was this last criterion that was the main reason why trousers, called breeches, appeared in the armies of many countries.

Why did the military wear breeches
Why did the military wear breeches

Trousers from Breeches

Breeches are trousers of a special cut, tight-fitting shins and widening at the hips. The name of such trousers, adopted in Russia, comes from the name of General Gaston Galliffe, known for his cavalry exploits. The French general introduced comfortable trousers into the uniform of the cavalry units of the army, which later began to be used in the armies of other countries.

General Ghalifa was a remarkable personality. He took part in many historical events and hostilities. The breeches together with the French army besieged Sevastopol during the Crimean War of the middle of the 19th century. He fought in Italy, Mexico and Algeria.

During the war with Prussia in 1870-1871, Ghalife, being a brigadier general, could not avoid captivity at Sedan, but was released for his military services.

Gaston Gallife also distinguished himself during the suppression of the Paris Commune in 1871. For cruelty and composure in reprisals against the rebels, he was awarded military honors and subsequently held a number of high positions in the French military department. As a combat general and a skilled cavalryman, Ghalifa knew what a soldier needed in battle. That is why the general initiated the introduction of comfortable trousers for cavalrymen, named after him.

Breeches: convenience and practicality

The breeches, due to their special cut, were ideal for cavalrymen. Tapered at the bottom, such trousers made it possible to very quickly put on high boots. Before the invention of Gallife, equestrian warriors wore tight-fitting leggings that looked like modern women's leggings. But a warrior in such a dress did not have a very warlike appearance, so leggings did not take root in all armies of the world.

In the troops, where the soldiers wore loose pants, they had to use not very comfortable boots with a very wide bootleg.

Initially, breeches were intended exclusively for soldiers of equestrian units. This uniform allowed the cavalryman to feel very comfortable in the saddle and did not hinder his movements in the attack. The practicality of trousers, sewn in a special way, was later appreciated by representatives of other branches of the army. This original clothing began to be worn both in the infantry and in other army units.

Over time, the history of the appearance of breeches began to acquire details and legends. It is believed that such a peculiar cut of trousers was first used by General Gallife himself. During the Franco-Prussian war, he was seriously wounded, as a result of which his hip was twisted. For this reason, Ghalifa could not wear traditional tight-fitting trousers of those times, so at first he rarely appeared in public. The general found a way out for himself by inventing a special kind of trousers that perfectly concealed his physical disability.

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