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What Is Flint
What Is Flint

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Already primitive man was able to use natural objects for the manufacture of weapons and primitive tools. The most suitable material for stone scrapers, arrowheads and spears was a hard and durable stone called flint. The properties of this mineral make it possible to use it for making jewelry.

What is flint
What is flint


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Flint is a natural mineral, almost entirely composed of silica, in an amorphous or crystalline form. This stone is found in sedimentary rocks. The color of flint can be very different. Most often, there are samples of black or brown colors. The oxides of manganese and iron give the flint a more intricate color, in which there are inclusions and smooth transitions of shades.

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The shape of flint is also varied. There are rounded, oblong or even lamellar stones. They often have bizarre growths and finger-like thickenings, as well as small pores and holes that fill the quartz particles. Natural flint is of organic origin. It is part of the skeletons of unicellular organisms living in the seas.

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Since ancient times, flint has been highly valued for its properties. This mineral is very hard and very polished. It was originally used to make knives and throwing weapon tips. Flint made excellent scrapers for making hides and mortars for grinding substances.

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Samples that have a patterned pattern are successfully used in the manufacture of jewelry. Those who believe in magic attribute special magical powers to flint jewelry. This stone is often used as amulets and amulets. It is believed that such items are able to protect their owner from misfortune and give him strength.

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If you try to crack the flint, it will divide into fragments or sharp-edged plates. This property has long been used in the processing of stones. A master gunsmith, using a stone tool, squeezed even plates from a piece of flint, giving the future knife or spearhead the required shape. Such work required precision and patience. The slightest wrong movement could damage the product.

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One of the varieties of this stone is the so-called black flint. Impurities of organic substances give it its characteristic dark color. According to popular beliefs, black flint has special properties.It is believed that such a stone, immersed in water for several hours, is capable of radically changing its structure and properties. Water treated with black flint does not bloom and remains fresh for a long time. Black flint is also used for salting food.

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The properties of flint, which has increased hardness and resistance to deformation, are reflected in the tongue. Flint is often compared to an unbending person who has a strong character and does not give in to temptations. They say about this: "Not a man - flint!"

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