Why Is Silicon Water Useful?

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Why Is Silicon Water Useful?
Why Is Silicon Water Useful?

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For the first time, silicon was used by man in the Stone Age, as a material for the manufacture of tools and for the production of fire. In the Middle Ages, its antiseptic and bactericidal properties were discovered and it began to be used in the decoration of premises for storing food, in mill production and even folk medicine.

Why is silicon water useful?
Why is silicon water useful?

Silicon is the second most abundant chemical element on Earth. Its content in soil reaches 30% of its composition in some places of the planet. Silicon is sand, feldspars, flint and quartz. In addition, it is a part of opal, chalcedony and amethyst, rock crystal and jasper.

Despite the fact that since ancient times, silicon has been used for medicinal purposes in the treatment of gangrene, for cutting off warts, its real healing properties were discovered in the 70s of the last century. It was then that the unique properties of water in one of the lakes near St. Petersburg were revealed, and they were explained by the high content of silicon in it. However, with the help of this silicone mineral, the quality of water was improved even earlier, more precisely, in the middle of the 19th century, in Britain and in Russia. The British, for example, used it to decorate the walls of wells and noted that the water from such springs was unusually tasty and had healing properties.

Useful qualities of silicon water

Water that has been purified with silicon filters or infused with silicon stones changes its chemical composition and is purified. The use of such water helps to suppress the activity of microorganisms and bacteria harmful to the human body, improve fat, acid and carbon metabolic processes, in addition, the natural production of hormones and enzymes necessary for normal human life is activated. Silicon is responsible for the quality of hair, nails, teeth and epidermis - its shortage instantly affects their condition.

Regular intake of silicon water helps to increase the tone of the body, improve the quality and rejuvenation of the skin and cornea, stabilize the thyroid gland, increase the elasticity and strength of blood vessels, bones and muscles, decrease blood sugar levels in diabetic patients, restore immunity, normalize vision, work internal organs and even depression recedes, stress conditions pass. Silicon water is also effective in the treatment of dysbiosis, bile and urolithiasis, osteoporosis, impotence.

Silicon water is also used in horticulture, in growing vegetables, in animal husbandry and poultry farming. Aquariums with water that has undergone such cleaning remain clean for a long time, and fish live in them much longer. On an industrial scale, silicon water is used in the production of medicines, canned food.

How to infuse water on silicon

To purify water with silicon, it is enough to place stones in it for two to three days. The water is insisted in a glass container, covered with a gauze bandage, in a place where the sun's rays do not penetrate. To obtain healing properties, it is necessary to infuse water on silicon for at least 7 days.

The intake of such water inside for medicinal purposes is possible only after consultation with the attending physician and as part of the complex therapy of the disease, whatever type it may be.

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