What Are Capsules For Medicines Made Of?

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What Are Capsules For Medicines Made Of?
What Are Capsules For Medicines Made Of?

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Modern drugs are available in various forms, and the main purpose of this variety is to make taking the drug as convenient and comfortable as possible for the patient. One such form is capsule.

What are capsules for medicines made of?
What are capsules for medicines made of?

Capsule as dosage form

A capsule is a form of drug release, which is a cylinder-shaped shell with rounded ends, filled with one or another drug. In turn, the filling of the capsule may depend on the nature of the active substance in the particular drug. Thus, the modern pharmaceutical industry produces capsules that can be filled with a preparation in the form of powder, granules, liquid or other content.

The main advantage of the capsule form of drug release is a clear dosage of the dose of the drug contained in it. As a result, for a patient who is recommended to take the medicine in this form, with careful observance of the doctor's instructions, the possibility of unintentionally exceeding the required dose of the drug or taking an insufficient amount is almost completely excluded.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that usually capsules contain drugs that have a very unpleasant taste, which avoids contact with the taste buds of the patient and relieve him of the corresponding taste in the mouth. Another option for the reason why the manufacturer may resort to using the capsule form of the drug release is the situation when the drug contained inside the shell should not affect the mucous membranes of the oral cavity or esophagus. Finally, such a form can be chosen to avoid reducing the dose of active substance entering the patient's stomach. Thus, if the doctor has prescribed you to take the drug in capsules, they should be taken in the factory form, without opening the shell.

Composition of the capsule

Currently, most capsule shells are made on the basis of gelatin. It is a product with good plasticity, which allows you to form capsules from it without much effort. In addition, it dissolves well in the stomach and has fewer side effects than other casing materials. In addition, gelatin, through the use of various technologies for the production of capsules, makes it possible to produce from it both soft and hard shells, which are actively used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Gelatin can be used to make capsules both in pure form and using various additives. Therefore, if you are allergic to gelatin, you should inform your doctor about this if he has prescribed you to take the medicine in the form of capsules - in most cases it is possible to replace this form of taking the drug with another, safer for a particular patient.

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