How To Choose A Massage Chair

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How To Choose A Massage Chair
How To Choose A Massage Chair

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Advanced technologies are increasingly being used in everyday life. With the purchase of a special chair, it became possible to carry out massage at home. For this procedure to be effective, a massage chair must be functional, comfortable and affordable.

How to choose a massage chair
How to choose a massage chair


Step 1

Define a set of core functions. Please consult with your doctor about the need to purchase a massage chair. Specify the problem areas of the body and the methods of the desired impact on them. Choose a chair depending on what kind of massage techniques you need: tapping, kneading, or stroking. Choose models in the price range that you have defined for yourself. Check out the different massage chairs in action and opt for a more functional model.

Step 2

The methods of influence of a massage chair on a person are diverse. They differ in the nature of touching the body: pointwise, with rollers or discs, with the help of heating, infrared rays and air. With acupressure, important vital centers are affected and this has a positive effect on the entire body. To massage large muscle groups, they use vibration of discs, rollers and the compressive effect of air in special pillows, and thermotherapy is used to warm up areas of the body.

Step 3

If you are sitting at the computer and staying in one position for a long time causes neck fatigue, the stroking function will help to relax it. With edema and heaviness in the legs, relief will be given by foot massage and vibration of the lower leg muscles using rollers. If you suffer from joint diseases, opt for a model with a thermal massage function. In this case, mechanical impact on problem areas will be carried out together with the thermal procedure. Choose a massage chair model that has the full range of functions of the required impact. Buy a chair with a built-in computer, where not only the exposure time and intensity change, but you can create and save an individual massage program.

Step 4

Define a set of additional functions: The massage chair should be not only functional, but also comfortable. If you find it difficult to activate the chair or if you think you need to automatically start work - purchase a model with the presence detection function. Additionally, the armchair can be equipped with a relaxation complex: built-in audio system and a table for tea. However, all this, together with infrared glasses and a bright control panel, are not priority functions for a massage chair, but only increase its cost.

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