What Is More Harmful: A Solarium Or The Sun?

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What Is More Harmful: A Solarium Or The Sun?
What Is More Harmful: A Solarium Or The Sun?

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"The solarium is harmful," doctors say. "The sun too", - lovers of artificial tanning answer them. And a beautiful golden hue, which rarely leaves anyone indifferent, turns out in a tanning salon better, faster and smoother. However, it is worth considering a number of nuances before dwelling on the choice of one or another method of tanning, and try to choose the least traumatic method.

What is more harmful: a solarium or the sun?
What is more harmful: a solarium or the sun?

A sensible tan, whether in a solarium or under the sun, is only beneficial. The skin and the entire body as a whole are saturated with vitamins, immunity increases, and mood improves. But only if all the rules of behavior under ultraviolet rays are observed.

Sun or solarium

Naturally, the sun's rays are better for the body, because they have a large scattering area, plus additional factors in the form of clouds, breeze, etc. However, so that they do not turn into dangerous, it is necessary to very strictly follow the rules for sunbathing.

So, for example, it is not recommended to sunbathe during the scorching sun from 12 to 16 noon. Also, be sure to apply sunscreen to your skin. It is also advisable to drink more, because ultraviolet light dries out the skin, which accelerates the aging process.

The main disadvantage of sunbathing can be called the limited time - after all, it is mainly possible to sunbathe only in summer. Also, many people do not really like that it is impossible to sunbathe naked, and traces of a swimsuit remain on the body.

The solarium is better in terms of mobility. You can go to it at any time convenient for you, incl. and in winter. In addition, it is in the solarium that you can get an even tan without any streaks, etc. After all, in the capsule you can lie or stand completely naked.

For a solarium to be useful for the body, you need to follow the rules very clearly: apply the cream to the body and do not artificially increase the recommended tanning time.

The solarium is significantly limited in time compared to sunbathing. Doctors do not recommend staying in the booth for more than 15 minutes. And then - this is the term for already "experienced" regulars of the solarium. It's worth starting with just a couple of minutes.

There is a statement that fake tanning has a worse effect on the skin, because it dries it up noticeably more. After all, when a person is in the open sun, the effect of ultraviolet radiation is not so directed, and besides, moisture, shade, etc. are added. In a solarium, you can't hide from direct UV rays. Therefore, it is imperative to use a very strong moisturizer and protectant to protect the skin.

Experts say that in a solarium, in addition to the absence of a reservoir, the skin is also dried by an air conditioner.

What is fraught with excessive fascination with ultraviolet light?

Based on the results of surveys, tests and studies, it can be confidently asserted that the sun is less dangerous for humans than a solarium. However, you should not get carried away anyway, because an overabundance of ultraviolet radiation often leads to various diseases of the skin, loss of skin elasticity and the growth of tumors.

What to do to avoid harmful UV rays

To visit a solarium painlessly and significantly minimize risks (after all, real sun for Russians is a rather big luxury), you should follow a number of fairly simple rules.

Before visiting the solarium, you need to wash with soap and water. In time, it is desirable to do this in 1, 5 hours. This will help prepare your skin for UV exposure.

It is also worth refusing to use perfumes or any kind of cosmetics, because a number of components that make up the product can lead to rather unexpected consequences.

Naturally, it is imperative to use a protective cream, but it is better to smear your lips with balm. Remember that their skin is very thin and very susceptible to UV radiation. It is better to cover your eyes with glasses, cover your hair with a scarf or a hat.Remember - they are also not particularly sweet when they are under directional UV rays. Protect your breasts too.

After tanning (and after sunbathing too), apply an after-sun cream to your skin. Drinking a cup of herbal tea or juice with vitamin C is also recommended.

Observing these rules, sunbathe to your health - even under the sun, even in a solarium!

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