What Is Colombian Tie

What Is Colombian Tie
What Is Colombian Tie

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It just so happened that human life for a long time was not of great value to others. Moreover, very often not even life, but, on the contrary, death becomes entertainment for the public.

What is Colombian Tie
What is Colombian Tie

Why other people's suffering, pain or death attracts such a huge number of onlookers, even modern psychiatry cannot really explain. As soon as an accident occurs, in an instant the scene attracts so many people who want to savor the pain of others, that one can only wonder at the bloodthirstiness of the human race.

Of course, first of all, I would like to blame the mass media for all the sins, so diligently instilling a taste for blood and pain, but the trouble is that throughout the history of mankind, the most terrible and bloody executions attracted the largest number of spectators. Perhaps those emotional upheavals that cause cruel spectacles in people make their gray everyday life more intense and colorful. But this is just a hypothesis.

To some extent, any public execution was performed for the edification of the audience. Whether it was banal hanging or chopping off the head - it was done with a humane purpose so that no one would follow the convicts, at least that is how the executions were interpreted by those who sentenced the convicts to them.

But there were and remain not so well-known and widespread clan executions, the main purpose of which is both the punishment of the offender and instilling fear in other members of the clan or group.

In the internal squabbles of the Sicilian mafia at the beginning of the 20th century, in particular, as the prosecutor of Palermo described it in 1921, an extremely bloody and frightening way of observing the omerta (the law of silence) was widely used. The overly talkative mafioso had their throat cut and their tongue pulled out through the incision. Later, the "civilized" Sicilians practically abandoned this method of intimidation.

The cultivation of coca and the production of cocaine for the people of Colombia has been a long tradition. But if until 1977 this was mainly done by scattered craftsmen, now three drug lords Pablo Escobar, Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha and the Ochoa brothers have teamed up and created the drug cartel that quickly became famous.

With the aim of enforcing strict discipline and, mainly, preventing information leakage, the so-called Colombian tie has become a favorite and popular way of drug lords to teach people to remain silent. This method of executing chatterboxes, adopted from the Sicilian mafia, is incredibly brutal. It was precisely as a means of intimidation that this execution became widely known as the Colombian tie as a result.

Thanks to the bloodiness and horror of the execution, and especially in combination with the addiction to drugs, the Colombian tie quickly became widely known throughout the world. Even several decades after the cartel's defeat, the Colombian Tie remains a chilling reminder of the past.

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