How To Determine The Quality Of Gold

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How To Determine The Quality Of Gold
How To Determine The Quality Of Gold

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Some people arrogantly call gold a despicable metal, or associate it with the idolized golden calf worshiped by the pagans. Although they probably have gold jewelry. For family people, these are wedding rings. Young people prefer small rings, earrings, chains, pendants. In respectable people, you can see more weighty jewelry made of gold - necklaces, bracelets, chains, watches, cigarette cases. When choosing a gold jewelry, the question arises of determining the quality of the precious metal.

How to determine the quality of gold
How to determine the quality of gold


magnifying glass


Step 1

Before purchasing gold jewelry, try to determine the quality of the material visually. It is not pure gold that is used in jewelry, but alloys with other metals. The impurities included in gold jewelry give the products the appropriate shades. Cobalt is known to color gold red. Nickel, platinum and palladium contribute to the white tint, copper to yellow. Pink gold jewelry, which is at its peak of popularity, is made from an alloy of gold, silver, copper and zinc. And now fashionable extravagant black gold jewelry is an alloy of gold, chrome and cobalt.

Step 2

Armed with an elementary magnifying glass, look for the state assay mark on the back of a high-quality gold jewelry. Its impression can be either combined or separate. In the first case, in one frame, the imprint of the head of a young lady in a kokoshnik and a digital sign of the sample, for example, 585 (means the content of 58.5% pure gold in 1 gram of metal) is combined in one frame. Moreover, to the left of the woman's head, turned to the right, make out a letter under a magnifying glass. It is assigned to the territorial state inspectorate that branded the gold jewelry.

Step 3

If you are going to buy, for example, earrings, then you will find a separate assay mark on them. On one part of the product, the profile of a lady in a kokoshnik will flaunt, and on the other part, a digital sign of the sample. Recall that during the Soviet era, the hallmark was a five-pointed star with the symbols of that era - a sickle and a hammer. Be sure to find the assay mark on both Russian and imported gold products that are sold in our country.

Step 4

Also, on the gold jewelry you are considering, in addition to the assay mark, find the imprint of the manufacturer's nameplate. Here, the first digit is the year the product was branded, the letter after the digit means the code of the state inspection, and the remaining 2-3 letters are the coded name of the manufacturer. As you can see, high-quality gold will tell you the information you need without hiding.

Step 5

Look at the sealed tag for information about the jewelry and its manufacturer. Professionals determine the quality of gold using the cupellation method, the touchstone method or drip method. However, the use of these methods can lead to a violation of the surface layer of the jewelry, which is unacceptable for an ordinary buyer.

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