How To Tell A Fake Perfume

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How To Tell A Fake Perfume
How To Tell A Fake Perfume

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When you buy an expensive perfume, and when you come home, you find out that it is fake, you will agree that it becomes very insulting. To prevent this from happening the next time, you need to remember a few simple rules to distinguish a fake from the original.

How to tell a fake perfume
How to tell a fake perfume


Step 1

Perfume packaging is the first thing to pay attention to. Polyethylene, tightly fitting a box with expensive perfume, should be thin. The fit should be tight, there can be no folds anywhere. A fake, as a rule, is distinguished by poorly glued polyethylene. The original wrapper should have a sealing stamp in the form of a rectangle or circle.

Step 2

The fake bottle is not very similar to the original bottle. A bottle of fake perfume is characterized by sloppy curves, unclear writing and glass defects. The glass of the original product bottle is usually clear and clean, there can be no air balls and cloudiness inside. The metal lid of a real perfume is excluded, the perfume, in contact with the metal, may deteriorate. The liquid itself cannot be cloudy either, if there is a sediment, then it is a fake.

Step 3

The inscriptions on the bottle can also tell a lot. Sometimes one extra letter signals a fake. The most common mistake is the letter "e" at the end of the word parfume. In French, this word is written without the letter "e" at the end. The originals are issued indicating the name of the product, country of origin, date of manufacture, expiration date, composition of the product and percentage of alcohol. Not only on the box, but also on the original bottle, there should be an inscription indicating the capacity of the bottle in milliliters. Check the barcode: if the number starts with "3", then this is a French perfume. In addition, there must be a serial number above the code, consisting of letters and numbers, which matches the code on the bottle itself.

Step 4

Smell is the most important thing that distinguishes real perfumes from fake ones. If you know how your favorite perfume should smell, it will be harder to go wrong. If not, wait 20 minutes. Has the smell changed? This means that the manufacturers did not spend money on purified alcohol, the original perfumes smell for a long time and their smell does not change over time.

Step 5

Although you can find an expensive fake today, you should not give in to the urge to buy a cheap perfume. You should refuse to buy original perfumes in the markets; buy them only in specialized stores.

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