What To Do If The Wedding Ring Is Too Small

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What To Do If The Wedding Ring Is Too Small
What To Do If The Wedding Ring Is Too Small

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An engagement ring is not an easy piece of jewelry, as it is sung in one famous song. And there is some truth in this. For some, a wedding ring is a symbol, for others a talisman. Of course, there are those who do not give it any special sacred meaning. However, such a decoration leaves almost no one indifferent. One of the problems that spouses often face over time is the change in the size of the ring. More precisely, not the ring itself, but the finger on which it is worn. As a result, a problem arises when the wedding ring becomes small. And this is where the question arises: what to do with it?

What to do if the wedding ring is too small
What to do if the wedding ring is too small

If your wedding ring has become small or large for you (really? More often it is still small), this does not mean that you need to panic. Remember - the situation can be corrected. It is enough to find a competent jewelry master.

What to do with a wedding ring if it gets small

The procedure used to increase the size of a piece of jewelry is called rolling. In some cases, with its help, the ring can be increased by 2 sizes. It is done quite simply. The ring is glowed red hot and carefully rolled out on a special metal rod. It is made in the form of a pyramid, where the maximum thickness is at the base. In this case, the rod itself is made with steps, calculated for different sizes of rings.

There is an opinion that rings with stones or rings should not be given for rolling. In fact, this is not the case. After all, only metal is exposed to rolling. In addition, the master can use another option to increase the size of the ring.

If the ring is decorated with a stone, you can increase its size by sawing. To do this, first a stone is taken out, then the ring is carefully sawn in a place opposite to the fastening of the stone, placed by inserting an additional piece of metal, soldered at the joints, and the stone is transferred back.

Alternatively, you can take both wedding rings - both for women and men - and melt them into new ones that will be in size.

What to do with a small wedding ring if you don't use drastic measures

There are people who are afraid to give their jewelry to the workshops. There can be many reasons for this - from fear of being stolen to religious beliefs. At the same time, hand over the ring in order to get another one for it, lay it down, etc. not an option for them. As well as simply putting the jewelry in the box. In this case, there are options for solving this problem.

For example, you can hang a small ring on a chain and wear it as a locket.

This method is rather controversial, since it is still a ring, but pendants or a cross are often worn on the neck. However, in the event that this ring is not just a wedding, but a wedding, you can do this with it.

In addition, experts assure that the ring cannot become small out of the blue. If the fingers are plump, then there is a logical explanation for this. For example, hormonal problems that have caused you to gain weight. Or edema has begun to appear. And in fact, and in another case, it is not good. To make the ring fit again, take care of your health and fix these problems.

There is nothing wrong with reducing the size of the ring. The main thing is not to panic and make an informed decision. The choice will be yours in any case.

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