How To Open Dried Varnish

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How To Open Dried Varnish
How To Open Dried Varnish

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The days when nail polish was very difficult to get and buy are long gone. However, every woman in her cosmetic bag will surely have a bottle with her favorite varnish, which has almost dried up, but continues to be the best in your collection of shades. And, of course, there is no such second one anywhere! What to do if one fine day you are horrified to find that the cap is firmly adhered to the bottle, and there is absolutely no way to open it?

How to open dried varnish
How to open dried varnish


Hot water, nail polish remover, nippers, towel


Step 1

Don't panic. Your favorite varnish can still be salvaged. It's just that it dried up in the place where the cap touches the neck of the bottle, tightly fixing the two component parts of the bottle together. The easiest thing to do in this situation is to heat up your varnish. Place the bottle in a container of water and place it on the stove. You do not need to bring it to a boil, just warm it up well. After the varnish heats up and becomes more plastic, the bottle can be opened. Dry it well with a dry napkin or towel and turn the lid sharply. It should work out.

Step 2

If the varnish has dried on the border of the bottle and you see traces of it on its shoulders, you can try to open it in a quick way using nail polish remover or regular acetone. Moisten a cotton swab generously with nail polish remover and place a hanger on the bottle exactly where the leak is. The liquid will very quickly dissolve the dried varnish on the outside, and it will be easier for you to open the bottle. By the way, if you are going to clean the bottle in this way, be sure to remove the remnants of dried varnish not only from the bottle hanger, but also from the place where the thread runs. This is where drying and sticking of the lid to the bottle most often occurs.

Step 3

The third way to open the varnish is purely mechanical. If you do not have a man with strong hands nearby, and you have already exhausted the last reserve of your own imagination, you can resort to the simplest and most harmless method of opening - with the help of wire cutters. Take the bottle of varnish by the handle and tap it vigorously on a hard object or surface several times. You need to knock with the place in which the dried varnish is located. After a series of good hits, the lacquer films may peel off and the bottle will be easier to open. Now take the nippers and, holding the bottle firmly, start unscrewing the cap. The method is not particularly original, but it works in 99% of cases.

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