How Silver Purifies Water

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How Silver Purifies Water
How Silver Purifies Water
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There are various ways to purify water. It can be defended, saturated with silicon, frozen, cleaned with activated carbon. One of the most effective ways to purify water is to immerse any silver object in water.

Silver is a natural antiseptic
Silver is a natural antiseptic

Why does silver purify water?

Silver has a strong bactericidal property, which is why its ions perfectly purify water. In fact, by dipping silver into water, you are doing a real antiseptic cleansing. At the same time, I do not use chemical elements harmful to health.

Silver purification makes the water safe to use, because the ions of this metal destroy a huge number of microorganisms harmful to health. In addition, silver makes water even more useful.

Why is silver water useful?

Silver purified water improves metabolic processes in the body, strengthens the immune system, is the prevention of chronic diseases, and even heals some. In general, the well-being of a person drinking silver-plated water improves.

It is enough to drink one glass of such water a day to be protected from ARVI, gastrointestinal diseases and other things. In addition, the silver water is especially tasty.

What silver to use

For water purification, it is best to use real silver (fineness 999). Water purified with such silver is stored longer and retains its properties for a long time.

For oral administration, you can use water with a concentration of 20-40 mcg / l. It is this amount that is enough to overcome harmful microbes and not harm the human body. In no case should the concentration be higher. This concentration is safe, it makes the water tasty and healthy.

Cons of silver cleansing

This method of water purification has its drawbacks. Silver is a highly toxic metal and in large quantities can be harmful to the body (like lead, for example). That is why such water should be drunk, adhering to strict dosages and rules. Water with a strong concentration of this metal can be life-threatening.

For external use

For processing objects, washing fruits and vegetables, cosmetic masks, health baths, it is recommended to use silver water with a concentrate of 10,000 mkg / l or more. It is impossible to consume water with such a concentration inside, it is dangerous to health.

How to make silver water at home

Many people use the "grandmother's" method and put silver items in a decanter of water for several days. On average, it takes 2-3 days. But determining exactly when the water has reached the desired concentration is quite difficult. In addition, it can be difficult to know if the concentration has exceeded the desired level. Therefore, many people use modern electric water reagents.

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