How Much Water Does A Person Need Per Day

How Much Water Does A Person Need Per Day
How Much Water Does A Person Need Per Day

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It is difficult to overestimate the importance of water in human life, because it is she who is the source of energy, ensuring the normal functioning of all body systems. Today it has been proven that it is water, not food, that allows the generation of hydroelectric energy.

How much water does a person need per day
How much water does a person need per day

According to experts, the human body needs up to ten liters of water per day to digest food. About three liters of fluid is excreted in the urine, through the skin and lungs. But this figure is conditional and may vary depending on external conditions.

For example, with heavy physical exertion, playing sports, going to a bath, an increase in body temperature and the environment, the need for water increases.

Depending on what you eat, how high-calorie food and how much protein is present in it, the amount of water consumed also depends. The same dependence exists on a person's age and physical activity. The body, losing water, requires its compensation.

It is difficult to imagine a person who is able to regularly drink up to ten liters of water a day. Yes, this is not necessary, because about half of the required amount is contained in all food products.

The opinions of doctors about the ideal amount of water for human consumption per day differ: some recommend drinking no more than one and a half liters, excluding food intake, while others recommend at least two liters. It has been empirically proven that people are more likely to drink less than drink too much. In any case, the body itself will tell you how much you need.

Lack of water can cause disturbances in the processes of digestion and blood formation. It is very important to observe the drinking water norm for women. Due to their physiological characteristics, the urinary system must be thoroughly flushed to avoid the risk of bladder inflammation. Lack of fluid makes the skin dull, flabby, muscles weak, attention decreases, distraction occurs, headaches, constipation.

Knowing how and when to drink water is important to stay healthy. It is better to consume it between meals and half an hour before meals. After a meal, it is advisable not to drink for at least one hour. The loss and non-replenishment of water supplies can cause thirst and even lead to hallucinations and death.

In summer, in the heat, it is better to drink clean water, herbal teas and vitamin infusions from rose hips. Diseases with an increase in temperature also dehydrate the body, therefore water, juices, fruit drinks, compotes contribute to the elimination of toxins. It is recommended to drink water during the day in small portions of 3-4 sips. Do not be afraid to drink more, all the excess will come naturally.

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