What Is Christian Humility

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What Is Christian Humility
What Is Christian Humility

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Humility is one of the main Christian virtues, synonymous with complacency, harmony with oneself and the world around us. Those who are far from the Orthodox faith often have a completely wrong idea about this concept, believing that Christian humility is embodied in a person in the form of downtroddenness, complete obedience, a constant feeling of unfounded guilt, unwillingness and inability to defend their own interests.

What is Christian humility
What is Christian humility


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Humility in Christianity is one of the main virtues of the believer, which is understood as the acceptance of all that exists, regardless of the will of the mind and heart. You should not perceive the concept of "Christian humility" in the context of "pacify" or "humiliate", because Christian humility is very close to the concept of "philosophical calmness", which is achieved through intensified internal struggle, leading to strength of spirit and complete harmony of both external and internal …

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Being humble means not giving in to irritation, being able to control your emotions, not giving free rein to black thoughts and unrighteous deeds. Christian humility is not passivity at all, but rather, on the contrary, a manifestation of character and will.

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It is believed that by praying for humility, a person does not humiliate, but, on the contrary, asks for wisdom and adequate perception of himself and others. In Orthodoxy, Christian humility is divided into three main areas: humility before God, oneself and those close to us. In the first case, humility means full recognition and understanding of your sins, the desire to acquire some kind of virtue, the hope for the forgiveness of the Almighty. A person should not only accept the hardships of life, but also try to treat this test wisely and patiently, not to become discouraged, but to fill his soul with optimism and readiness to solve any problems.

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In relation to the people around them, Christian humility manifests itself as calmness, pacification of emotions and passions, which can lead to serious consequences, unreasonable anger, irritability. A person must go into a state of complete harmony with others, the victory of a good beginning over an evil one.

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The most important part of gaining Christian humility, perhaps, is humility with oneself, with one's own merits and demerits, full readiness to adequately perceive oneself and one's capabilities. In order to achieve a state of Christian humility, a person must learn to sincerely admit his mistakes, to forgive offenders.

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It is justly believed that Christian humility is not only the lot of monks or clergy. This high level of self-knowledge is available to the average person. And this is quite simple to do. You just need to learn to look at the world around you with an open mind, try not only to listen, but also to hear, to understand your spiritual aspirations, to become the owner of a strong and structured inner “I”.

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