What Does The "three Stars" Tattoo Mean?

What Does The "three Stars" Tattoo Mean?
What Does The "three Stars" Tattoo Mean?

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The world of tattoos is unknown and mysterious. Each tattoo has its own subtext and some hidden meaning. Before getting a tattoo, you need to study its various interpretations and meanings, so that later you do not have to regret what you have done and try to display the pinned drawing in all possible ways.

What does the "three stars" tattoo mean?
What does the "three stars" tattoo mean?

The interpretation of symbolic drawings on the body depends on many factors. Everything matters: the location and visual features of the tattoo, where and when it was done.

The size of the tattoo shows the degree to which a certain quality is present in a person. The larger the area the drawing takes, the brighter this or that feature is presented in the tattoo carrier. The thicker and more colorful the lines of the image, the more or less this or that property is expressed in a person.

When making a tattoo, gender differences must also be taken into account. For women, it is better if the tattoo is located on the left side of the body, and for men - on the right.

Since time immemorial, the stars have attracted people to themselves, striking with their grandeur, beauty and inaccessibility. A great desire and genuine interest in the stars have turned this figure into a symbol of dreams and hope. Star tattoos are gaining popularity, especially among the beautiful half of humanity. The symbol means inaccessibility and mystery, which is characteristic of female natures. The famous and inimitable Rihanna did not remain indifferent and made a drawing on the upper back in the form of a path strewn with stars.

The interpretation of star tattoos depends on the number of its ends. The five-pointed star most often used for tattooing is a symbol of perfection and balance. A person with such a tattoo has the ability to find harmony and maintain it for a long time. As a rule, such people often meditate, and their main activity is associated with the process of self-knowledge and development.

The six-pointed star means abundance. A symbol of wealth and prosperity. Such a tattoo promises its owner material benefits and the absence of problems with the availability of funds.

The star has seven points, which is considered a magical and magical symbol. The owner of such a tattoo will have luck and success at every step.

Eternal life is associated with this number. The eight-pointed star is a symbol of infinity.

The absence of disease and longevity are associated with a star with nine ends.

Before deciding to get a tattoo, you need to study all the meanings of the image and think again whether it is worth making a tattoo, which will then be impossible to get rid of.

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