Pink Rose And Its Symbolism

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Pink Rose And Its Symbolism
Pink Rose And Its Symbolism

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The rose is one of the most popular symbols. According to Christian legends, this flower grew in paradise without thorns, but after the fall of man, it received them as an eternal reminder of it. Depending on the color, the rose can carry very different meanings. Pink roses are considered the most romantic.

Pink rose and its symbolism
Pink rose and its symbolism

Religious symbolism

In Indian mythology, the pink rose was called the queen of flowers. The god of creation Brahma at first exalted the lotus among all flowers, but then he saw a rose of a delicate peach hue, which Vishnu showed him, and recognized its primacy, and with this the primacy of Vishnu. It is with pink flowers that since then, on major holidays, the statues of these gods have been adorned.

In Christian mysticism, a rose is a symbol of the Mother of God, which is why she is almost always depicted sitting in a garden among soft pink and white roses. It is not surprising that the combination of a cross and five rose petals becomes a symbol of the Resurrection. Sometimes the cross is surrounded by rose flowers, in the upper part there are usually three flowers, and in the lower - four. In Christian mysticism, this symbolizes the harmonious union of the divine world, which is denoted by the triad (God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit), and the world of the earthly mortal, which is traditionally denoted by the number four.

The most beautiful roses

Many people consider pink roses to be the most beautiful, because it is not for nothing that the word “pink” itself comes from the name of this flower. It should be noted that pink is distinguished by the most luxurious range of shades; their combinations are used to compose complex, eloquent floral messages. Depending on the shade, roses of this color can mean pride, gratitude, tender emotions, sexual desires, admiration or sympathy.

So, the easiest way to express gratitude is by presenting a bouquet of bright pink or cherry roses as a gift. Deep pink flowers in rich hues will showcase admiration, awe, or joy.

Light pink flowers most often symbolize tender, only nascent love or innocence, youth, freshness, romantic dreams. Roses of this shade are most often given to very young girls, as if emphasizing their tenderness and beauty.

For the first declaration of love, a bouquet of pale pink and light green roses, the buds of which have not yet blossomed, is ideal; such a combination indicates that feelings are just incipient, about the hope of reciprocity.

It should be noted that any roses of light shades can be given to friends without any subtext, this applies primarily to pink, white and peach flowers. It is advisable, however, to choose already blossoming flowers and complement them with decorative greenery. It is appropriate to give such bouquets for birthdays and other occasions. Such "friendly" bouquets should not contain more than 5-7 flowers.

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