Where Can I Give Toys

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Where Can I Give Toys
Where Can I Give Toys
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Many parents every year face a problem - children have more toys, and less space in the room. And the most offensive thing is that they play with a couple of cars or dolls, and the rest of the "good" is gathering dust on the shelves and in boxes. Then you have to look for new owners for teddy bears, just do it in secret!

Where can I give toys
Where can I give toys


Step 1

Contact volunteers or charity staff. Toys are always needed in orphanages or low-income families who turn to specialized funds. If you don't have a lot of toys, you will have to come to the fund yourself or meet with volunteers. If you want to give a large batch of toys from the store (stores often give away toys with a small defect or a discount), they will most likely come to you themselves, load everything and take away. In this case, you draw up an act of acceptance and transfer of toys to the fund. The Foundation, in turn, makes such an act with the orphanage and sends you a copy.

Step 2

If your child is in kindergarten, ask the teacher if they accept toys. Usually plastic and rubber toys, pre-washed, are willingly taken to the group. And new ones are always welcome. Also, in the garden they do not refuse clerical "necessities" - paper for drawing, paints, plasticine, pencils.

Step 3

If you are the parent of an after-school student, ask the teacher if you need toys for the after-school. Teachers often cry out among parents to bring board games to the group: chess, "Sea Battle", "Uno", "Activity", etc. Otherwise, children can sit for hours, buried in their phones, without receiving active communication, and board games. games are a good helper in this matter.

Step 4

If you have to get rid of a toy just because the child is not interested in it, try to sell it or exchange it for another. This is possible on special parent resources, where there are separate forums dedicated to the sale and exchange. The most active participants in the toy exchange are collectors of Kinder Surprise figurines. They have a whole community in which owners of rare books buy or exchange the desired copy.

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