How To Add An Addition To The Charter

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How To Add An Addition To The Charter
How To Add An Addition To The Charter

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The charter is one of the most important documents for any legal entity. It is required for registration, it says what the organization can do and under what conditions. Inconsistency of the charter with the actual state of affairs can lead to serious troubles. However, situations when a firm changes its address or name, when new shareholders appear or leave, management changes arise at every step. It is required not only to make changes to the charter, but also to register them.

How to add an addition to the charter
How to add an addition to the charter


  • - the existing charter;
  • - application for amendments;
  • - texts of amendments;
  • - minutes of the meeting of shareholders.


Step 1

Specify the period from the date of the decision to amend the charter, you must apply to the registration authority. Late appeal is regarded as an administrative offense. Different terms are adopted for different types of amendments. For example, if the founders decide to terminate the contract with the director and appoint a new one, it is necessary to apply to the registration authority to change the address or name within three days.

Step 2

The decision must be documented. Have a meeting qualified to make this kind of amendment. This can be a meeting of shareholders or a labor collective. In some cases, the board of directors can sort out a similar issue (for example, if the need for amendments is caused by the emergence of a new law). To amend the charter of a municipality, an appropriate decision of the representative body and the procedure for public hearings are required. In any case, formalize what the authorized body has decided in a protocol.

Step 3

It is possible that you will have to make some changes at the same time in other documents. This is necessary if the name or address of the company changes, a new director is appointed, etc. The data in all documents must be the same. Prepare a new text of the charter.

Step 4

Write a statement on amendments to the constituent documents. For this, the Federal Tax Service has recommended form No. Р13001. The application must be signed by the head of the enterprise and certified by him by a notary.

Step 5

Pay the state fee. Find out its size in a given period of time and the necessary details with the registering authority. If your company has a current account, then the state duty is transferred from it. In this case, a payment order with a bank mark is submitted to the registering authority. In the absence of such an account, you can pay in cash through any branch of Sberbank.

Step 6

If you need a copy of the amended charter, write a free-form statement. This can be done after registration. You will need to pay another fee.

Step 7

Submit your documents to the registration authority. This can be done in person at office hours, by mail or through the general information state portal. If you send documents by mail, do not forget to draw up an inventory in duplicate. Make sure that the letter is with a notification. If you decide to use the information portal, send the documents in one copy and indicate your email address. You should receive an answer as to when and how the registered documents can be obtained. They can be obtained by the head or representative of the organization by proxy.

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