How To Make An Independent Examination

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How To Make An Independent Examination
How To Make An Independent Examination

Video: How To Make An Independent Examination

Video: How To Make An Independent Examination
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Any research carried out by independent experts in various fields of economics, medicine, science, art, technology is called an independent examination. The need for its appointment arises in cases where the examination was not carried out or the previously issued study raised doubts, for the elimination of which it is necessary to obtain a second opinion from an independent expert in a certain area.

How to make an independent examination
How to make an independent examination


  • - referral services;
  • - printed publications;
  • - the Internet;
  • - expert service;
  • - the passport;
  • - documents or materials required for the examination;
  • - an agreement on the provision of expert services.


Step 1

To conduct an independent examination, contact the expert service, which, in the course of the research, will give a substantiated documentary opinion. It will be checked and analyzed by specialists based on the materials and documents provided.

Step 2

Find out the phone numbers of the forensic services. Call each of them, specifying the complexity, quality, timing of research, cost and form of issuing an expert opinion. Ask if they have accreditation for the right to conduct examinations. Check if they are contracting with the customer to provide expert services.

Step 3

Ask for information on Internet services. Find an independent expert service in the area of interest. Talk to them by getting a consultation over the phone or getting detailed information via e-mail.

Step 4

Buy multiple prints. Carefully review all ads offering independent research services. Talk to each expert organization.

Step 5

Having collected a complete list of information from all sources about the work of independent expert services, analyze the information received and choose the most appropriate option, paying attention to the timing of the independent examination, cost and quality, not forgetting to take into account the factor of its complexity.

Step 6

Contact a legal agency for professional advice related to the issue of concluding an agreement on the provision of independent expert services. Get information about what the subject of the contract should be, its terms, payment procedure, the responsibility of the parties, the consequences of poor-quality performance of the assumed obligations.

Step 7

If it is not possible to contact a lawyer for advice, call several expert services and carefully read the conditions of their work. Having chosen the most suitable option, talk with an independent expert organization, specifying the nature and number of documents that must be provided for the examination and obtaining an official opinion.

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