How To Equip Smoking Areas

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How To Equip Smoking Areas
How To Equip Smoking Areas
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There are smokers in almost every organization. They can be seen with a cigarette in stairwells or in other places not suitable for smoking. People passing by are very quickly saturated with the smell of smoke, hair and clothes are especially good at absorbing it. The employer must prepare a special place for smoking, so the interests of both smokers and those who cannot stand the smell of tobacco must be respected. The premises must be equipped according to certain criteria.

How to equip smoking areas
How to equip smoking areas


Step 1

The smoking room should be adjacent to the outer wall of the building. Ventilation should be kept separate from the general ventilation system. Some believe that the smoking room should be located as far as possible from the offices, so that employees are simply too lazy to go so far. Others believe that the smoking room should be located in a conspicuous and walkable place. The walls of the smoking room can be made glass and transparent so that employees are visible and do not shy away from work. Doors should be double and always with a vestibule, preferably automatic. This will prevent smoke from leaving the smoking room.

Step 2

The walls and floors of a room are best made of special materials that meet fire safety requirements, this can be aluminum or glass. They are also good because they are easy enough to wash. If you decide to use a different material, then it will have to be treated with special fire retardant paint and impregnation.

Step 3

There should be no upholstered furniture in the smoking room, as it quickly absorbs unpleasant odors and, moreover, is fire hazardous. The room can accommodate several tables and chairs, as well as urns and ashtrays. It is advisable to fill the urns by one third with water, this will help neutralize the cigarette smell and smoke. Do not try to make the smoking room as comfortable as possible, otherwise employees will spend much more time there than they should. Paint the walls a bright color and hang pictures on them, preferably about the dangers of smoking.

Step 4

Today, many companies produce special smoking booths that can be installed in any part of the office. They can accommodate from two to six people and have a multi-stage ventilation unit that completely removes tobacco smoke from the air.

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