How To Get Pink From Paint

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How To Get Pink From Paint
How To Get Pink From Paint

Video: How To Get Pink From Paint

Video: How To Get Pink From Paint
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The natural standard of pink is the color of the bud and petals of rose flowers (Rosa canina). The name of the color comes from the name of this plant. This color is not in the palette of primary colors, but it can be easily obtained.

How to get pink from paint
How to get pink from paint


  • - palette for mixing paints;
  • - paints;
  • - paper;
  • - brushes;
  • - water


Step 1

Remember that there are only three colors that cannot be obtained by mixing different paints. It is blue, yellow and red. It is quite possible to get the rest of the colors, and therefore pink.

Step 2

Take a palette and dilute some red paint on it with a few drops of water. You will get a pale red or pink color. By adding different amounts of water, you can get a color of different saturation.

Step 3

Add white to the red paint by mixing the two colors on the palette. The more white you take, the softer the shade of pink will turn out. In addition, whitewash can be added to the red color, previously diluted with a few drops of water. This technique will allow you to get a less saturated shade of pale pink.

Step 4

If you want to get a hot pink oil paint, squeeze some kraplak onto the palette and add some white. Experiment with the proportions to get the color vividness you want.

Step 5

Mix the two paint colors very carefully so that the resulting pink color is uniform.

Step 6

Consider the peculiarities of some paints. This makes the gouache slightly lighter as it dries. So, in order to get the shade you need, make the color a little brighter than necessary.

Step 7

Note that cadmium red in watercolors tends to agglomerate at high dilutions with water. As a result, you will not be able to apply the resulting color evenly on the paper. To avoid this, use distilled or filtered rainwater.

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