The Warmest Fur Coats

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The Warmest Fur Coats
The Warmest Fur Coats

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Video: The Warmest Fur Coats
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Almost every woman dreams of a warm and beautiful fur coat, especially on the eve of cold weather. We can say that a fur coat is a great investment of money, since a good fur can be worn for many seasons in a row. You need to approach the choice of a fur coat as responsibly as possible.

Correctly evaluating and choosing a high quality fur coat is a real art, for this you need to have a special flair and experience, which, alas, is acquired only with practice. It is best, of course, to listen to competent advice and focus on someone else's experience. This will save you time and money.

Choosing good fur

A good fur coat should be comfortable, durable and very warm. Winters in Russia can be very harsh, so clothes made from real fur are a real salvation from cold weather and disease.

First of all, you need to decide on the fur. The warmest fur coats and sheepskin coats are obtained from blue or white fox, red fox, muton or sheepskin, wolf, chinchilla, classic mink, nutria, astrakhan fur, beaver, fur seal or expensive sable. These furs will protect you from the most severe cold weather. In addition, among these options, you can pick up fairly budget options for fur coats.

If the winters in your climate are characterized by high humidity, choose fur coats made from waterproof furs. Products made from otter, wolverine, beaver, nutria or fur seal are ideal for you. Such fur coats do not deteriorate even in the wettest winters, well protecting their wearer from moisture.

The coldest sheepskin coats and fur coats are considered products from a sheared rabbit, marmot and ermine. Keep in mind that long fur guarantees the best protection from the cold, while a shorn fur does not provide it to the required degree. Often, sheared fur coats look more stylish and fashionable, but if your task is not to experience the cold in winter, pay attention to products with long natural fur.

Quality and service life

The most durable are fur seals and otter coats (they can be worn for up to twenty seasons), beaver (the fur coat will not lose its attractiveness for eighteen seasons), mink and astrakhan fur (these coats will delight you for ten seasons). Muskrat, rabbit and chinchilla fur coats are considered the least wearable.

When trying on a fur coat, be sure to decide if it suits you by weight. The fur coat should be neither too light nor too heavy. To reduce the weight of the product, while saving weight, furriers often stretch the skins greatly, as a result, the thickness of the skin decreases quite noticeably, the distance between the hairs greatly increases, and the fur coat becomes light but cold.

Always check how well the fur coat is stitched to see if it wrinkles at the seams. Quality furs, made from properly dressed skins, soft and flowing. High-quality products have no lining along the hem, so you can evaluate the quality of tailoring of the fur coat itself.

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