How To Look Below

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How To Look Below
How To Look Below
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Height is not always an advantage. It can be difficult for girls taller than 180 centimeters to find a mate, as guys prefer short women. They seem to them more feminine, defenseless.

How to look below
How to look below


Step 1

There are several ways to appear below. First of all - the right shoes. You can wear ballet flats, trendy sneakers or boots - "dutik". Shoes without heels make the legs look shorter.

Step 2

The second way is the right hairstyle. It is better to give up high styling, bunches, tails. It will help you look shorter than haircuts with shoulder-length curls and thick bangs. In addition, smooth styling is suitable for tall girls. When the hair is slicked back and there is no excess volume in the back of the head.

Step 3

Wide things will hide tall stature. Fashionable oversized coats made of fine wool, high-waisted dresses, sweaters - all these clothes help to visually become lower. Long wide skirts and straight trousers contribute to this.

Step 4

Big beautiful bags will distract the attention of others from being tall. These fashion accessories are very suitable for girls with the appearance of fashion models, since only in their hands they do not look like huge trunks. On the contrary, coupled with high growth, they look very organic, making their mistress more graceful.

Step 5

Two-tone sets that have a dark top and a light bottom help to appear lower. They divide the silhouette in half, equalizing the proportions.

Step 6

Blouses and shirts with a square or boat neckline make the shoulders more voluminous, visually shortening the silhouette. T-shirts with a cropped bottom also contribute to this. They should end at the waist. This will make the upper body look shorter.

Step 7

Breeches and cropped trousers visually shorten the legs when worn with flat shoes.

Step 8

Long coats and fur coats lower the silhouette. Especially wide things do their job well, as well as products with long pile.

Step 9

A wide belt will split the silhouette in half, making it look a little lower. It can be fixed clearly at the waist - then the torso will look shorter, or on the hips - then the legs will seem less long.

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